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Volunteer Protection Act 1997 PL 105-19 Jun 27th 2013, 19:17 2 6,198 on 1/7/13
APRS software Feb 15th 2013, 19:50 1 6,192 on 15/2/13

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Volunteer Protection Act 1997 PL 105-19 W0GDS on 27/6/13
As amateur radio was instrumental in getting the PL 105-19 enacted, why is it that this seems to be a forgotten item? This law covers amateur radio operators in all of their activities providing for civil immunity in any liability situation when the actions of the volunteer are being performed as intended, without malace or criminal intent. This means too, that if an amateur radio licensee is participating in any of the many volunteer programs in good faith, the law provides for civil immunity afforded to the volunteer. Even if the volunteer is performing a duty of medical service or other activities that may happen to fall under the guidelines of HIPPA. With this being true, then why is there a pursuit of mandating all volunteer amateur radio operators MUST give ALL of their personal information for a criminal history and background check just to help in a bike race, a marathon, or anything else? This would also apply to other organizations using volunteer personnel so would someone please set this subject into "objective concentrated thought" and let the forum know? Gary Sawyer W0GDS
APRS software W0GDS on 15/2/13
de W0GDS

I have a laptop w/ OS Win 7. I am in need of a software disc that I can load to configure the NMEA language for APRS and WinMail etc so I can get my laptop functional in my mobile once again. Will gladly offer a nominal fee for the disc. I may be contacted via e-mail

73 Gary

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