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Broadband Widespread Interference Jul 23rd 2014, 19:25 3 6,130 on 4/8/14

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Broadband Widespread Interference paulhuffman on 4/8/14
Thank you for your information W1MG. Since my original post, I have recorded the audio and reproduced the waveform of the noise. It shows strong spikes at an interval of 8.33 ms (120 Hz), characteristic of arcing at the peak positive and negative voltages on the circuit. A representative of the power company visited my house and confirmed the noise. He said they would conduct an investigation. So far, the noise is still there. Thanks also for the ARRL Section Manager contact info.

Broadband Widespread Interference paulhuffman on 23/7/14
Recently the RFI in and around my home has increased dramatically. The audio is particularly annoying on AM and sounds like hash. It is most prominent from the upper half of the AM broadcast band to 80m. 160m is unusable. I have used my mobile receiver and a portable radio to determine that the noise is present throughout my neighborhood and peaks under the power lines. I am suspicious that access BPL may be in use. My question is this: Are there any regulatory or volunteer services that can help me identify the source of this RFI?


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