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Dipole or Longwire Antenna KL3JM on 4/2/14
When summer returns to Southeast Alaska I plan on putting up a new wire antenna between two large spruce trees. With the help of a local tree service to climb these trees, I should be able to reach 60 to 70 feet above ground. The distance between the trees is about 110 feet and the wire will pass over the top of my house giving me some good choices for dropping a feed line. My question is, should I put up a dipole or long wire. I run barefoot at 100 watts and have an MFJ tuner in the shack. I work the 20 and 40 meter bands the most but would like to start using the 80 and 160 meter bands. I am currently leaning towards the dipole, which could be trapped for the different bands, primarily because it would not need a buried ground array. The long wire is still intriguing as it may be more versatile on working a variety of bands. My current antenna is a 40 meter dipole on my roof at about 35 feet high.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks, Scott KL3JM

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