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AA4PB Audio Interface: Any advice? NV2K on 6/3/19
Where is the article buried now? I searched QST logged in foraa4pb call sign . Nothing found. Ehh. I found it when I rebuilt one.
AA4PB Audio Interface: Any advice? NV2K on 8/8/17
I have mine just about perfect. I deleted the PTT connections from the RCA jack. I get power to it from the read RCA jack. I made a new audio cable from the din jack on the PRODATA to the DATA in/out on the back of the Yaesu. The CAT interface was greatly simplified by using an isolated telescoped ground between the PC and the CAT jack. This circuit that isolates both is an eval board from a CA company that makes a turnkey solution. I think I paid about 60 for it and then a case and jacks for power and CAT. DB9 built in.
AA4PB Audio Interface: Any advice? NV2K on 27/2/17
how you making out with YOUR prodata. I just got one too and am debugging the transmit. Receive working great with JT65. For patchcords I used a few RS male male patch cords to the PC. Cut in half, and splice with heatshrink. My rif is an FT-900 and use the CAT interface which isnt in this board. RSVP as I see this site once a quarter

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