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Question concerning NTS KF7UFO on 7/7/12
Ok, was able to get some verification concerning the original post. From my question, this is the answer that I got:

For the past several years, Bob N7UAN in Kingsport, TN has been sending out the same message to new Hams as their new callsigns show up on the FCC callsign list. He has had messages in the past with 25 word but the current message he is sending has 22 words. So operators have been calling it the UAN22 message. You may recall Jerry saying the book of 3 were UAN22 and I think you have copied it before.
Question concerning NTS KF7UFO on 4/7/12
I have a question that I'm hoping that someone could answer for me. I am a new ham with my tech license and am working towards doing things with the NTS. I have been listening to my local traffic net to "copy" messages as practice before I take the plunge. Today I heard something that confused me and wasn't able to get clarification on it, due to having to shut down the rig.

During traffic of a message book, the sender gave the text as UAN twenty two (22), I have looked all over the place and can not find what that is. I thought it might be like similar in nature to the ARL Texts on FSD-3, but have been very unsuccessful verifying this. If anyone knows, could you please let me know what this is or point me in the right direction to find out.

Thank you everyone for your time and knowledge.


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