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cushcraft r8 antenna problems Jul 9th 2012, 03:15 7 12,961 on 12/7/12

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cushcraft r8 antenna problems Bmagill on 12/7/12
Hi guys, Thanks for the input. A fellow hammer came over yesterday with an antenna analyzer and did confirm the problem is the Matching Network box, antennas dead throughout all bands. Now Im at the mercy of Cushcraft to get me a new one sent. Thks again.
cushcraft r8 antenna problems Bmagill on 10/7/12
The antenna is mounted up on the roof of my single story using the recomnmended chimney mount and a 5' mast so its a minimum of 35' from earth ground.
cushcraft r8 antenna problems Bmagill on 9/7/12
I just assembled and put up my new cushcraftR8 antenna. Being very meticulous to assemblyI am currently unable to tune ANY of the 8 bands at all. Im getting greater than 10:1 swr and cannot tune in at all. Ive rechecked all connections and grounds. Does any one have any ideas?

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