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Planning on buying one of these radios and thinking of value-All 3 I know are solid--the KX3 can be upgraded in the fter to 100 W and a pan-adapter, but right now I am interested getting on the air with digital modes on HF and naturally some rag chews on SSB - The 7100 is not a SW designed radio as the other two are but does that mean a lot it has D star and 6-2 and 70 ? What are the owners thoughts on these ? Thanks ahead of time for your input de W1WBL
IRLP vs Dstar vs Allstar...Commercialization of Amateur Radio AA1PR on 17/11/15
Hi, read your post and I agree. I have a DSTAR radio and also it can access other 2 m and 70 m repeaters no DSTAR. I don't have any repeaters that I can hit that have irlp access. Is it possible to use my pc to access a node or reflector without my radio or even with it using a dongle type devise that you lknow of ?--'thanks and 73 W1WBL
Irlp W1WBL on 17/11/15
I have got a 7100. I have one DSTAR repeater that I can hit and it is about 18 miles away. I don't have any irlp repeaters in Maine for use. The one I show is to far and out of service presently. The next nearest is in NH and to far away that I can not hit it with my present diamond vertical. Is there a way to access and irlp node via my pc, with the sound card similar to echolink? Or a dv device similar to a dvap for dstar?
Martin AA6E-Thanks Martin, I know its been around for a while and I understand people move--If I ever decide to move and become a snow bird to Florida, I would hate to loose my call also--I would however place the /4 after it, just as a courtesy-Its not much of an effort--That is good about JT65?JT9 asking to provide your locator--I have not tried those modes but very close to doing it--I have used PSK and enjoy that--Thanks again and 73
Dan, WA9WVX--My sentiments in a nut shell--I searched little bit on ARRL to see if there had been any discussions about this and also what if any intentions the ARRL board of gurus have in approaching the FCC--I think I will pen a letter to QST and see what responses I get--Thanks for taking the time to answer--And yes I do the same thing and announce where I am operating from portable or mobile and what district--I think it is a courtesy that as you say the newbies lack-73

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