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Carolina Windom Antenna rs1000 on 2/9/15
Both antennas were about 30' above ground and positioned in the same location, not close to local noise in a rural environment. The antennas were as high as I can get them across some trees.

What do you think about removing the vertical radiator from the windom, making it an off-center fed as compared to the simple random wire at the same height?

Thanks, Ron
Carolina Windom Antenna rs1000 on 2/9/15
I would appreciate some direction on my Carolina Windom antenna. My QTH consists of a Pixel amplified mag loop antenna for HF receiving. Transmitting has been done on a Carolina Windom and also a 55' random wire/counterpoise antenna on 80-6M.

I am perplexed that the random wire is 'deaf' across all the bands but transmits much better than the WIndom. The Carolina Windom's transmit performance is miserable but the receive performance is far better than the random wire. This comparison is true across all of the HF bands. How is it possible that the good transmit antenna is deaf on receive, and the good receive antenna cannot transmit well?

Since I mainly receive on the mag loop, I am considering removing the Windom and going back to the random wire antenna for transmitting, but want to make sure I am making the correct decision. Supposedly the Windom is a more sophisticated antenna than the simple random wire. The SWR levels are relatively similar across the two antennas. My choice of these two antennas is due to a HOA limitation on space.

Any direction is appreciated,
Ron, K2RAS
Fire Danger From Random Wire in Trees rs1000 on 26/11/13
Is there any general rule of thumb about what power level starts becoming a fire danger for a random wire antenna in trees? I am running 10W in the HF bands.

Thanks, Ron

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