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Antenna Field Planning KE0AVC on 12/6/14
Thank you! Thats some helpful info.

Antenna Field Planning KE0AVC on 12/6/14
Well that is a bit over my needs! Not to mention I'm no contestor. Nor do I have that kind of space. Did I not mention I am a NEW HAM?

Thats a dream about something more suited to a beginner? Is there a reference book in the store that helps plan antenna placements?

Antenna Field Planning KE0AVC on 12/6/14
New HAM here, looking for direction, advice etc on how to plan the placement of multiple antennas. I have two towers coming, a sky loop planned as well as various dipoles an inverted L, 2 meter and an Explorer 13 beam.

Is there a resource to help place them for best usage and least interference?



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