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40 foot tilt tower winch system Sep 20th 2014, 17:56 4 9,412 on 23/9/14
Yaseu FT 102 Sep 14th 2014, 20:44 3 7,731 on 8/9/15
Yaesu FT 102 Aug 24th 2014, 23:15 2 6,784 on 2/9/14

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40 foot tilt tower winch system brakemanbobsmith on 22/9/14
County/Zoning requires no building permits for tower installation that was first step I took before buying tower, Tower already is a tilt tower from factory, all I am wanting to do is build a winch system to raise and lower tower so we don't have to have to use ropes and manpower like previous owner did an like we took it down. He purchased it new in mid 80's from Rohn doesn't have paper work any more and painted over I.D. label on tower so model ? but was factory tilt tower. I'm a county dweller Building / Zoning not real tuff here don't even need permits to build pole barns, now to put electric in barns yes! Build no.
Have the skills to do the fabrication work, last 15 years of 37 years on industrial maintenance job spent working for engineering department fabricating the equipment they designed.
we like to call ourselves Re-engineers cause have the time were the one that end up making it work!
Looked good on paper is a saying we hear a lot! LOL I guess I could get one of the engineers to provide the data I need just thought someone may have had a working design ? Some videos on U-Tube look good?
40 foot tilt tower winch system brakemanbobsmith on 20/9/14
Hi Everyone

I have just purchased a used Rohn 40 foot tilt tower with a Hustler 4 element beam and Ham Rotor.

I would like to build a crank up winch system for this tower when I install it.

My first question is how tall should I make the pole that will be used to mount the winch and pulley for the cable that will be attached to the tower to raise and lower it ?

Second question is how far up the tower should I connect the cable to the tower ?

I will be using a 4" x 4" x 1/4" wall square structural tubing welded to a mounting plate 3/4" thick 12" square with it's mounting bolts anchored into the pad and will have two angled braces from it to pad to brace it in the direction of tilt.

Anyone build a winch system that may have some word of wisdom or experience ?
Yaseu FT 102 brakemanbobsmith on 14/9/14
Hi everyone.
I work with a fellow who heard I was in Ham Radio and told me his father has a shack and had lost interest in and was looking to sell off his equipment.
After contacting him I went over and seen what he had for sale.
He has a complete FT 102 set up that includes the transceiver, VFO, Speaker and Antenna Tuner all matched components to the FT 102.
This radio has not been modified or tampered with and dose not have the AM board.
It has not been used in 10 years.
When we tested it, the radio fired right up and functioned perfectly.
I have already purchased his 40 foot tilt Tower with rotor and Hustler 4 element beam with all cables for a good price.
I have heard many good things about this radio and from what I gather many people hold the opinion that this was one of Yaseu best radios made? Also heard some of the negatives! Like the relay problems it had?
My question, he is asking $750 for the FT 102 set up?
I am thinking it is a little high for it?
Could use some thoughts and opinions on it? What do you think?
One more question, if I end up with this radio I have heard much about having this radio Malcolmized! Dose anyone know if Malcolm still works on these rigs and how one might get in touch with him if he dose?

Yaesu FT 102 brakemanbobsmith on 24/8/14
I am a newly licensed technician and am set to take my general test in mid September.
With a little luck and a lot of studying I hope to pass!

My question is I have a fellow I work with who's father used to be in ham radio, he has a couple of 80's era Yaesu radios for sale.

One is an FT-102 and the other is a 747GX.

The FT-102 comes with microphone, external speaker and an amplifier and the 747 comes with microphone and external speaker.

Would these radios be ok as starter radios for someone like me that will be starting out new to Ham? or should I look for more modern equipment? and if these would be ok as starter radios what kind of price would be fair for them?

It was a working shack when he switched it off and walked away. He just lost interest when his eyes started going and he couldn't build, repair or work on his equipment anymore.

He has invited me over to look over the radios and discus prices and am looking for some insight into what would be fair?

Thanks in advance Bob Smith KD8ZIF

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