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CB Base Antenna Issues Aug 7th 2015, 14:39 8 6,028 on 3/4/16

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CB Base Antenna Issues GrizBear on 11/8/15
Bill: Thanks. I reckon that's where I'll start. By the way, what advice can you give about grounding? Also, how easy is it to break coax if it gets a sharp bend in it? I saw it happen during the install, and figured (hoped) it would be okay.

Thanks again.

CB Base Antenna Issues GrizBear on 10/8/15
W1VT: The SWR I referred to is a built-in unit, which is part of the base unit. The mobile unit only has lights, and the TX light lit up when I keyed the mic, but everything else stayed the same, and I never picked up any cross talk on any of the channels.

WA0CBW: Yes, but not the entire antenna, of course. I put the aluminum tail end down inside the mast tube to protect it and the coax from weather. I taped the aluminum tail piece with rubber tape, then wrapped it with quality electrical tape, including the coax connection.

Thanks to both of you for your replies. I've been away from radio communications for too long, and I'm eager to get things up and running. While the CB base station is my current priority (mainly for the SSB aspect), I have plans to run 2-meter and 6-meter, a scanner, and possibly even getting into digital and employing NVIS, God willing.

Again, thanks for the advice. God bless.
CB Base Antenna Issues GrizBear on 7/8/15
I apologize if this post is in the wrong location, or if the topic is covered elsewhere (I couldn't find it). I recently installed a 12' fiberglass antenna intended for an old CB base unit (a President-Washington model). The antenna itself is mounted in a military surplus aluminum mast (5, 4' sections, totaling 20'). I've come across two problem I'd like help with.

First, when everything was connected I tried the base unit, and the meter never moved, no matter the channel, no matter if I was keying up or not. And I mean it didn't budge, like it was just dead and lying there.
I'm suspecting a problem with the base unit itself, but I'd like any advice on what the problem could be.

Next I removed the CB base unit and replaced it with a mobile CB, and while the TX light came on when I keyed the mic, all I received was noise, no matter the channel I was on (and I tried all forty channels, plus ten NOAA channels). At this point I'm suspecting the coax itself. It is "Shireen 400 RFC Low Loss 50 ohm 36/13", whatever that means. Yes, I'm new to this, although I got my Technician license in 2005 (long story).

I appreciate any advice or recommendations you fine folks can make.

Thanks, and God bless.


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