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Pi Network Xfrmer Calculation solving for Unknown Z-Load? May 22nd 2022, 10:19 1 3,433 on 22/5/22

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Pi Network Xfrmer Calculation solving for Unknown Z-Load? Aplonis on 22/5/22
Wanting to author a calculator which does not start out with known values for frequency, Z-in and Z-out, then determine a virtual Z in-between, and from there build two back-to-back L networks for ex-post-facto combination.

Wanting instead to take a known frequency and Z-in, plus known min/max ranges for C1, C2 and L, then predict the full range of impedances for Z-out which those components might possibly match.

Why for? Say you have a junk box of variable caps and coils; or are willing to wind your own coil. It would be nice to be having a calculator that worked as a free-running loop, iterating by steps the max and min ranges of Z-out those components would be able to match. Also the Q for multiple cases.

As for the math which might be used, I have found this sole example...

Can anyone comment on the validity of that calculation? As it is a stand-alone example, different from others, I'm a bit wary of building a calculator around it.

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