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Universal Antenna Bilbotc2 on 2/11/15
Thanks Zack, while I get there are differences, was hoping there was an all-round, semi universal antenna.From your comments a Tower and Multiband beam might be the way to go. As i originally said not looking to own 7 antennas as I get into this hobby. Ask me about my telescopes one day......and yes that was plural.

Billy M. KD2JRI
Universal Antenna Bilbotc2 on 2/11/15
Hi All, New to the world of Amateur Radio. I was hoping to pick your brains. I know there isn't the perfect antenna for all uses, but I'm looking for the best bang for the buck. Example I use....I teach scuba diving....if you asked me what is the best wetsuit to get I'd ask what type of diving do you plan on doing and recommend the suit that best supports that. Now if you answered that you weren't sure then instead of recommending the 8 major types, one for each discipline and costing you $5000+ I'd recommend the 4.5 Farmer John. It's fairly universal it won't be perfect for each type of diving but it'll work for all of them while you make up your mind. Was wondering what would be the most universal antenna that covers most applications. While I won't say money is no object, I won't buy cheap and hopefully won't have 7 types mounted on the roof as I upgrade. Same goes for what radio will allow me to dip my toes in without having 17 radios gathering dust in a year or so. I know I'm getting a full blown Base Station and a full blown mobile.

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