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Backstay Antenna and tuners Jul 20th 2016, 23:34 4 5,478 on 25/7/16

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Backstay Antenna and tuners KC1FCW on 21/7/16
I'm beginning to understand that. 14.225 to 14.350. Would you suggest a best bet for "rigs" and antenna tuners?
Backstay Antenna and tuners KC1FCW on 20/7/16
I have recently received my technicians License and wish to put together a station on my sailing vessel using by backstay for the antenna. Typically the set-up is for Marine SSB which is very limited now a days. So I am figuring I will use the backstay as the antenna with an antenna tuner, I have a dynaplate and the seacocks are also grounded to the plate making the reflector. My big question is with my limited license and the range of tuning an antenna can tune, what is my best bet for a "rig". Power will be 13.8+ no problem with the engine running. Any help I would greatly appreciate it. It does look to me that the 50mhz bands are going to be my limit for most tuners. Am I right? And if so, do I plan on mostly using local repeater stations for my contacts. I need a good Elmer familiar with backstay antennas, tuners and marine rig set-ups would be great!
Thanks for any help I might be able to get!

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