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Noise Evaluation Process Dec 5th 2017, 23:31 2 5,975 on 6/12/17
Protecting an Active RCV'R Preamp Nov 20th 2017, 23:43 2 5,957 on 23/12/17
Simple Spectrum Display Software Nov 17th 2017, 13:02 2 5,842 on 18/11/17
Is a Balun needed or helpful - EF Antenna Aug 8th 2017, 17:16 3 5,440 on 13/8/17
GPS Time input for Laptop Aug 3rd 2017, 22:57 4 6,439 on 25/9/17

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Noise Evaluation Process KI7LFD on 5/12/17
I recently installed my new IC-7300 in my radio shack. The shack is really an insulated heated wooden enclosurer, located inside of a metal pole barn. (building in a building) My antenna is a "Myantenna" End Fed half-wave antenna for 80-10 meters. Everything seems to work well, as far as I can tell. I made a few contacts with the radio at distances of 1800 miles on 20 meters.

What I don't know is how to evaluate the noise levels that appear on the waterfall monitor. Is my site/installation noisey or reasonably quiet? What should I expect ? I live in a rural setting with power lines about a mile away. I don't hear or see any 60 cycle hum. Things seem fine, but I'm not experienced enough to know if everything is fine or if I'm fooling myself. Any suggestions on how to evaluate noise levels in my shack/installation ?
Protecting an Active RCV'R Preamp KI7LFD on 20/11/17
I'm interested in using a loop antenna in conjunction with a small SDR receiver in my shack. The loop would be located about 40' from my End Feed wire antenna used with a 100 W transceiver. I'm concerned that the RF from the 100W transceiver would burn out the loop antenna's preamp, which is located on/in the loop antenna itself. All of the devices I've seen that provide protection are located "after' the preamp at the UHF connector or even further down the coax, not protecting the loop antenna's preamp whatsoever.

How can I protect this somewhat independent antenna/receiver system ?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Simple Spectrum Display Software KI7LFD on 17/11/17
I'm ordering a IC-7300 next week (finally have the funds). My intent is to use it with a PC and widescreen monitor, so as to project rev'd spectrum data on a larger display. It seems there are several approaches, some very complex and costly while others less expensive. At this point in time my focus is to just monitor the bands, looking for traffic, emission modes and potential contacts,

Having said all this, can anyone provide some direction and suggestions to me ? Thanks in advance for the help.

Rich Kroll KI7LFD
Is a Balun needed or helpful - EF Antenna KI7LFD on 13/8/17
Zack: Thanks for the response, information and suggestions. Given what you've told me, I'll prevent the antenna from coming even close (~ 5 ft.) to the trees themselves, using both ropes and insulators, thereby preventing capactive coupling. This approach will also make it easier to raise and lower the anntena. Thanks again.
Is a Balun needed or helpful - EF Antenna KI7LFD on 8/8/17
I'm currently considering a EFHW-8010 End fed antenna for use with a new FT-1200 transceiver. (Still under negotiations) The antenna will be strung across several trees on my property. The average height of the antenna will be about 20' off of the ground in a rather thick woods.

From my reading it seems that some have used baluns with a end fed antenna. One article indicated the use of 9:1 balun. I'm trying to make sense out of all this. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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