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Attic or yard? Apr 4th 2019, 11:47 3 5,107 on 4/4/19

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Attic or yard? kd5dan2019 on 4/4/19
Thanks. I did not know I could have a receive antenna and a transmit antenna. I may just try the antenna in the attic first as my ham shack will be on the 2nd floor and all I would need to run coxal cable would be about 20 to 30 feet.
Attic or yard? kd5dan2019 on 4/4/19
HOA has restriction an antenna that transmits cannot be over 7 feet high in back yard. I live in a 2 story home with an attic having 10 feet high available with no obstructions to speak of. Wanting antenna for HF. I have 2 questions.

1. So in general would I be better off to start with an antenna in the back year limited to 7 feet tall from the ground or an antenna in the attic?
2. Do you have a recommendation of the best antenna for the location that is best under these restrictions?

I am new to this world. Thank you for any comment to help me with my first setup.

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