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2012 Sweepstakes Plaques? Sep 29th 2013, 16:12 15 3,106 on 28/2/14

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2012 Sweepstakes Plaques? VA7DZ on 20/2/14
Has ANYONE received their 2012 CW SS plaque yet?
[We haven't]

Eric VA7DZ for VE4DR crew
2012 Sweepstakes Plaques? VA7DZ on 29/1/14
2012 SS CW plaques may have been shipped in Dec 2013, BUT OURS HAVEN'T ARRIVED.

USPS / Canada Post problem? Hmmm.

SS Contest Stratgy W9FY on 2/11/13

VA3MN will be active on 80-10

from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario North.
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Chet, VA3MN
Eric, VA7DZ
Vic, VE3YT

2012 Sweepstakes Plaques? VA7DZ on 29/9/13
Have they been shipped?
By which carrier?

[Why all the questions?
Last year, the plan was to have our 2011 plaques arrive just before the 2012 SS to encourage participation. However, they arrived AFTER the 2012 SS; on top of that, ours had to be shipped twice, the first shipment never did arrive. Bummer.
Sean said that changes to shipping methods were being made for this year, fingers crossed.]

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