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loop my garage Aug 13th 2018, 15:57 3 5,538 on 14/8/18
three band coax trap dipole Nov 24th 2016, 15:01 1 4,960 on 24/11/16
Wire wound trap Oct 21st 2016, 14:47 2 5,336 on 22/10/16
dipole ant. in my garage Jul 12th 2016, 18:26 2 4,701 on 13/7/16

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loop my garage WB8VMW on 14/8/18
Thanks, after I get it set up and working I will let you know how it works and then anyone that wants to get a ant. out of the ice and snow in winter has an option.
loop my garage WB8VMW on 13/8/18
My garage is 30ft +20ft and I would like to put up a loop ant. inside. Do I need to make the sides straight or can I run the wires zig zag around the inside to make the loop as big wire wise as possible?
three band coax trap dipole WB8VMW on 24/11/16
I have finally got the hang of making a coax trap now I would like to build a 10/20/40 mtr. dipole. I don't have room to test a full length ant. is it possible to build one leg and tune it then build another to match it? That way I can use my back yard it is only 25 ft. wide.
Wire wound trap WB8VMW on 21/10/16
I have tried a coax trap and never seems to work for me so I would like to try a wire wound trap I'm using 14 ga wire witch I have plenty of. Is there any articles in the QST mag. that would help me. I have the Ant. hand book and the last 30 yrs. of QST but not much on wire wound traps.,
dipole ant. in my garage WB8VMW on 12/7/16
I have a 40 m dipole ant. in my garage that seems to work but I was thinking that It would work better it I changed it to a different configuration. The ant. now is along each side of the garage, the coax is connected at the center of the garage at the top at one end and drops down approx 7 ft. then down each side and is hooked to a bungee cord. I trimmed it for the cw (7114) part and down to 7025. If I was to take and rearrange the legs to come from the center of the garage zig zag pattern down to each side and to opposite ends of the garage would the gain be worth it?

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