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"Hindrances" examples Feb 6th, 21:17 1 221 on 6/2/14
Longwire 600 ohm terminating resistor HB Aug 5th 2012, 22:23 2 851 on 6/8/12
using 2-160M loop fed by the same feedline Jul 24th 2012, 21:22 1 781 on 24/7/12
50.290 psk-31 Jun 3rd 2012, 15:06 1 1,405 on 3/6/12
6m SSB w/300 ohm feedline and a TV balun Mar 2nd 2012, 01:29 1 818 on 2/3/12
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"Hindrances" examples N0MZR on 6/2/14
Part 97 and HR-5852 all mention "Hindrances" to ham radio. I would like to see what the really meaning is as well as what fellow hams also feel are "Hindrances" .............looking for a long list thanks, 73 n0mzr
Longwire 600 ohm terminating resistor HB N0MZR on 5/8/12
In the past I, have used nichrome wire from heating elements of waterheaters,electric stoves,ovens and toasters during experiments of terminating longwires. I have had some success but, without equipment to obtain 600 ohms I, made due with a low budget electronic measuring device,VOM.Doubling back the resistor wire was my attempt of creating a non-inductive resistor of the homebrew nature. Any hams with better ideas than I obtain can respond and I'll listen. THX 73 n0mzr
using 2-160M loop fed by the same feedline N0MZR on 24/7/12
I currently feed 2ea. 160m loops from the same feedline. Each of the loops are lower towards the south. Signal reports on 160M-75M are great.If I raise one of the loops on the south ends to compensate for the spherical shape of earth,is it possible to obtain better northly propagation? I'd appreciate your input. n0mzr
2 Meter Inverted V Antennas dksac2 on 3/6/12
I would build a 2m "Slingshot" antenna. Vertical polarization. Look it up on Google and find your construction needs. 73
50.290 psk-31 N0MZR on 3/6/12
There is life out there, psk-31 on 50.290 revealed w5cha and others this morning. Hope to hear more where they claim the action is minimal.

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