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How do I report RFI to a mobile station? Jul 30th 2011, 08:29 4 9,390 on 16/8/11

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How do I report RFI to a mobile station? N1KPW on 30/7/11
This may be one of those infamous stupid questions, but how do you go about reporting an RFI source to responsible parties? For example, I enjoy mobile HF ops on my commute to and from work. Along that commute route, there is one intersection with multiple traffic lights and the controller completely whipes out 75m, 40m and some sections of 20m, with varying distances depending on frequency. For 75/80m phone its pretty much within 1/4 mile of the intersection, for 40m and 20m its only a few hundred yards, but still, its frustrating to have to turn the volume down and/or turn the radio off as I pass thru or sit at this intersection and miss either important or interesting information that's passed during this time.
And on a separate, but related, topic, what about Cable leakage? When scanning repeaters for activity along this same route, and another I take to visit with my children, I pick up TV broadcasts from cable in specific locations along the commute. These effect not only the programmed repeater pairs, but the UHF receive frequencies programmed into my scanner. Are we, as HAM's, supposed to be susceptible to this spurious emissions, or immune? Who would be responsible for something like that? The Cable company, the business owner nearby where the interference is happening, or the homeowner where it occurs? Or, should it just be ignored and move on?
Parks on the Air activations in Massachusetts 0008327334H80 on 30/7/11
Very interested in this POTA concept, as I break out the battery powered '897 and operate from Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT on a fairly regular basis during contests and QSO Parties that interest me. If this idea takes off, I'd be willing to 'activate' more often, perhaps even on a set schedule to participate in any proposed award program. Most of my VHF Rover contesting ends up being from various state parks in different grids throughout New England, so there are some real possibilities for multipurpose contacts and more incentive to get out and travel a bit here.... very interesting. Any info you have Pete in joining in and participating would be appreciated. I've already signed up for the Yahoo group you mention, but I can be reached thru the "Call" at forwarding service, also...

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