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Which group of letters should I use? gvhorwitz on 16/2/18
Hi Greg,

I used G4FON myself to learn CW, and highly recommend it. I learned the letters in the order that the program presents them. (I think it starts with K and M). I don't think the particular order matters too much, as it shouldn't take you more than a week or two to work up to the full alphabet.

"20/5" means that the program is generating characters for 20 WPM, but is spacing them out so that the EFFECTIVE WPM is only 5 WPM. This sounds like a good starting point. As your copying skill improves, you can slowly increase the Effective WPM.

Good luck!
Mark AI4BJ
ARRL beginner questions agilchrist on 31/1/18
Hi Al,

You have to take the tests in order, starting with Technician, but many testing groups will allow you to take all the tests in one sitting, as long as you pass each one. Quite a few hams (including myself) have gone from unlicensed to Extra in one exam session.

Mark AI4BJ
Putting on a Ham demo at a School Science Fair VE7QJD on 30/1/18
Your biggest challenge will be to grab people's attention so that they don't just walk past your table without stopping. I've tried many approaches over the years, and have found that nothing beats playing Morse code through a speaker to raise people's curiosity. I always have a paddle set up so I can invite kids to try sending their names in Morse. In recent years, I've added an Arduino-based CW decoder so they can actually see what they are sending.

That's the hook. Once I have them at my table, I give them my 60-second spiel on how amateur radio allows us to communicate around the world without internet, cell phones, etc. Showing some of the more colorful QSL cards I've received from around the world usually makes an impact. The ARRL has a great "22 Things You Can do With Amateur Radio" youth brochure that I make sure they leave with.

Mark AI4BJ
Ooops I used the wrong year N7YQ on 8/11/17
As long as you used the same value consistently throughout the contest, this should be a non-issue.

Mark AI4BJ
New to Ham Radio WoodguyCO on 17/10/17
>>What regs do I have to be aware of when working the ham radio in Canada?

We have a reciprocal operating agreement with Canada, so you simply need to append the appropriate suffix to your call, e.g. AI4BJ/VE3 if I was operating in Ontario. There are some minor bandplan differences as well. Check out You should also carry a copy of your FCC license and proof of U.S. citizenship.

Mark AI4BJ

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