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Bringing Ham Radio to school kb1jlw 2 weeks ago
Hi Hisham,

It's great that you're willing to volunteer to start a ham club at your daughter's school! I have to warn you though: Capturing and then retaining interest in amateur radio in today's youth is hard, hard, hard. I've been involved in youth outreach for many years, and in my experience it is best to focus on simply having fun and exposing them to the many sides of the hobby. If any of the students are interested in earning their own license (and very few will be), it is probably best to point them to available resources and let them study on their own.

I no longer measure my success by the number of youngsters I mentor who quickly become licensed hams. I now realize that most will not reach the necessary motivation level until they are much older and have spare time, disposable income and a better appreciation for amateur radio as a valuable form of backup communication. Now, I feel like I am being successful when I see a smile come over a child's face after they make their first QSO, or when they turn on the simple electronic kit they have just completed and watch it come to life. I've come to terms with the fact that I am a farmer planting seeds, who may not be around when the seeds finally germinate.

Mark AI4BJ
IC DIP Sockets - Gold Plated vs Tin Plated WA2FTV on 20/12/18
If cost is an issue, I would not hesitate to use tin plated sockets. If, a few years down the road, you suspect that you may have developed a poor contact, it's easy enough to re-seat the IC in the socket, and you should be good for another few years.

Mark, AI4BJ
Band Plan soglejr on 30/11/18
Is this what you mean?
Power Question jcma05855 on 29/10/18
If you are adjusting your power level while you are transmitting, your ALC may be getting confused. If everything becomes stable once you stop adjusting your power, I don't think I would worry too much about it.

Mark AI4BJ
Power loss from TX INSIDE a ROOM? K6PAA on 16/10/18
Difficult to predict exactly -- a lot would depend on the building construction. SSB contacts may be difficult but you should have no trouble making CW and digital contacts. Many hams in your situation prefer to use a loop antenna -- just a wire running around the edge of the ceiling, fed in one corner with window line or open-wire feedline. This would almost certainly require an antenna tuner, but the antenna could be used on multiple bands.

Mark AI4BJ

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