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Operating in remote QTH - what do I need to know/do? KC1HBG on 28/3/17
This should help:
Operating in remote QTH - what do I need to know/do? KC1HBG on 28/3/17
Canada and the U.S. have a reciprocal operating agreement, so you don't need to obtain a temporary call sign. Just use your normal call sign (which you didn't include in your post, tsk, tsk) "slash" VE1. If your contacts record this correctly in their logs, they will receive proper credit for the QSO.

You shouldn't have any problems with U.S. Customs, but if you want to play it safe, bring along your original receipts.

Mark AI4BJ (ex-Maritimer)
Question on 80Mtr Mini Beam Elements KG6INX on 25/3/17
I'll let others chime in on your question, but will simply make the observation that the phrases "80M" and "Mini-beam" are seldom seen in the same sentence. :-)

Mark AI4BJ
cw only radios edsol on 22/3/17
Not that I know of. The incremental cost of including SSB in a QRO-class rig is small enough that it doesn't make much sense to leave it out. A CW-only rig would also be more difficult to sell on the used market.

Mark AI4BJ
Questions about practice methods n8sem on 20/3/17
Since the ultimate goal is to learn to recognize the sound patterns of complete words rather than just letters, that is what I recommend practicing with. Find a list of the 300 most commonly used words in the English language, then add a few dozen common ham expressions, Q-signals, etc. Here is one list to choose from:

Good luck!

Mark AI4BJ

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