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qrp kits on the market? KA1TMA 3 weeks, 4 days ago
W2LJ has put together a fairly comprehensive list of QRP kit suppliers:

You can also find Chinese QRP transceiver kits on eBay for as little as $3, but these have significant limitations and I would not recommend them for first-time kit builders. Of course, for $3 there's not much risk!

Mark AI4BJ
Does this violate the restriction on pecuniary interest? pwiecek on 6/10/16
This document does a pretty good job of explaining the issues involved:

Regardless of the legality, I would think that there would be some fairly significant technical and operational challenges to overcome.

Mark AI4BJ
contacting other hams JeffKD8GIR on 5/10/16
I rarely try to break in on an ongoing QSO on HF. That leaves me with three options:

a) Wait until the QSO is finished and then try calling one of the stations. This may require some patience!
b) Tune across the band and try to find someone calling CQ.
c) Find an open frequency and call CQ myself.

Mark AI4BJ
New ham coax questions W4RTA on 13/9/16
Good advice above. One advantage of attaching the connectors yourself is that you can get away with drilling a much smaller hole through your wall, particularly if you use RG8X.

Field Day Exchange K0MGA on 23/6/16
Just 1B KS. You'll specify "Battery" when you submit your entry.

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