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Vertical antenna using a wire as a radiator. What gauge? N1AUP 1 week, 5 days ago
What is the application? Is this for permanent (home) use, or for temporary/portable use? My thin-wall 30 ft fiberglass pole is intended for portable use, and would bend in half if I tried to hang 14 gauge wire from it! I use 24 gauge PTFE wire instead.

Mark AI4BJ
Grounding a 2nd Floor Ham Shack KI5GXR on 26/2/20
I'm in a similar situation to you. My solution is to leave my antennas disconnected from my station when I am not on the air.

Mark AI4BJ
Point to Point Current Propigation N2AOO on 26/11/19
Are you thinking of the Reverse Beacon Network?
My Inverted V's PLASTIC COATING has all peeled off. Is this a problem? K6PAA on 19/6/19
The wire insulation is only an insulator at DC. It is essentially invisible at RF frequencies. It would make for a pretty lousy antenna if that were not the case! :-)

Bottom line: You should not see a discernible change in performance.

Mark AI4BJ
FT8 AG5P on 30/5/19
Yes, that's all it is. I'm baffled by its wild popularity, but to each his/her own!

When I simply want to see how far my signal can travel, I use WSPR. When I want to make a QSO where I can actually converse with someone, I use SSB, CW or PSK31.

Mark AI4BJ

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