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Power loss from TX INSIDE a ROOM? K6PAA 3 days, 22 hours ago
Difficult to predict exactly -- a lot would depend on the building construction. SSB contacts may be difficult but you should have no trouble making CW and digital contacts. Many hams in your situation prefer to use a loop antenna -- just a wire running around the edge of the ceiling, fed in one corner with window line or open-wire feedline. This would almost certainly require an antenna tuner, but the antenna could be used on multiple bands.

Mark AI4BJ
Proper ID when operating from secondary QTH kd4voj 3 days, 22 hours ago
I usually sign /P when I go backpacking in my home state. I don't upload these contacts to LOTW.

Mark AI4BJ
Folded dipole preston 3 days, 23 hours ago
Best place to buy parts and components imdrich1 on 20/8/18
ARRL used to sell a kit of all parts for Books 1 & 2 (p/n 1255K), but it seems that they no longer offer it. I would reach out to the author (N0AX) to see if he knows of anyone still selling them.
Questioning 2018 FD Rules re: "Digital" WL7COO on 22/6/18
The rules don't explicitly address this, but as Field Day is (primarily) an emergency preparedness test, I would expect that any QSOs that depend on a functioning internet would not be valid for points.

73, Mark AI4BJ

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