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Strain Relief on Long Wire Antenna KN4YIL 2 weeks, 4 days ago
What you are proposing should work fine. As you surmised, the small loop will not have any significant impact on antenna performance.

Mark AI4BJ
What does the ARRL do for me. N2NJL on 8/9/20
I consider ARRL membership to be one of the best bargains in amateur radio. In addition to gaining access to four (!) different magazines, there are the product review archives, LOTW, the outgoing QSL service, and the ARRL's advocacy on behalf of all American hams in Washington.

The ARRL consists primarily of volunteers like myself. In addition to asking what the ARRL plans to do to support you, you might also consider asking what you can do to support the ARRL. The future of Amateur Radio is very uncertain, but I do know that the ARRL is our best bet for ensuring its survival.

Mark AI4BJ

p.s. You never mentioned what kind of support it is that you need. If you tell us, someone might be able to assist you.
Vertical antenna using a wire as a radiator. What gauge? N1AUP on 24/7/20
What is the application? Is this for permanent (home) use, or for temporary/portable use? My thin-wall 30 ft fiberglass pole is intended for portable use, and would bend in half if I tried to hang 14 gauge wire from it! I use 24 gauge PTFE wire instead.

Mark AI4BJ
Grounding a 2nd Floor Ham Shack KI5GXR on 26/2/20
I'm in a similar situation to you. My solution is to leave my antennas disconnected from my station when I am not on the air.

Mark AI4BJ
Point to Point Current Propigation N2AOO on 26/11/19
Are you thinking of the Reverse Beacon Network?

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