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looking to purchase a new radio cbatti7370 1 week, 5 days ago
Some hams in your situation have had success with horizontal or vertical loop antennas, running the wire around the perimeter of a ceiling or wall. Here is just one example:

A magnetic loop antenna might be an option too, though that would probably limit you to using lower transmit power.

Mark AI4BJ
How to start out mikemyers on 16/12/20
The Ham Radio License Manual is an excellent place to start. The first chapter answers a lot of beginner questions, including "What is contesting?".

Something I always ask newcomers to the hobby is "Why are you interested in amateur radio, and what do you hope to get out of the hobby?". My next question is "Do you expect to do most of your operating from home, and if so, describe the physical characteristics of "home" (detached dwelling?, apartment?, yard available?, trees available? roof accessible? attic accessible? HOA restrictions?). Some hams prefer to operate from the field, either in their vehicle, from a park, or while hiking/backpacking.

My last question is "What kind of budget do you have to work with?" You can get started in the hobby for less than $100, but just as with photography, you can easily spend a whole lot more!

The ARRL forums are rather limited in terms of functionality, e.g. I don't believe there are notifications available for threads you are following. Their advantage is that you will often receive replies from very knowledgeable folks at ARRL HQ, such as Zak and Bob. You should also check out the forums at QRZ.COM, though they tend to be rather more rambunctious.

Which magazine are you receiving from ARRL? If it's QST, you might want to check out back issues of On the Air magazine online, which is targeted to newcomers like you.

Keep asking questions!

Mark AI4BJ
Best starter antenna Neustein on 25/11/20
What band(s) are you most interested in? A lot will depend on your personal circumstances. Are you an apartment dweller, or do you have a 5-acre lot to work with?

Mark AI4BJ
2019 School Roundup results? AI4BJ on 6/11/20
ARRL governance and democracy K6INM on 5/11/20
I have been a member since 2003 and I have received ballots for every section and division election since then. I fact, I just cast my vote for Director and Vice-Director (Great Lakes division) a couple of weeks ago. If you haven't been receiving ballots you should have contacted HQ right away!

These are typically the only voting opportunities that I get, but my Section and Division representatives do an excellent job of keeping me informed of what is going on both within the division and at HQ, and I have never had trouble providing them with my thoughts and opinions on the hot and not-so-hot topics of the day.

Mark AI4BJ

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