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No rules when contesting???????? w3jkc on 8/1/13
This isn't the first time that I've heard someone complain about unruly "contesters" on 17M. I think a surprising number of hams can't tell the difference between a DX pileup and a contest!
ARRL QRM'ing Maritime Emergency Net WA4YBC on 12/9/12
As others have previously stated, there are no contests on 17M or the other WARC bands. However, the next time that you think you hear such activity, this is what I suggest you do: Record the date, time, frequency and callsign of the ham who is calling CQ, as well as the callsigns of any contesters who answer his CQ. Answer his CQ yourself and ask him which contest he is participating in. (You can also take the opportunity to remind him that contesting is not permitted on 17M.) Report this information back here and I'm sure it will be dealt with appropriately.

Btw, the CQ WorldWide contest is coming up on the weekend of October 27 & 28. This is the biggest contest of the year, and you can expect the 20M phone band to be absolutely jammed for these 48 hours, beginning at 0000Z Friday evening (some 30,000 hams from around the world participated in last year's contest). It might be a smart idea to move your net to 17M that weekend, or to move it to the CW or digital 20M subbands. Fortunately you have plenty of time to prepare for this.
Digital QST Survey KE1CY on 6/9/12
I'm happy with the digital QST. I still prefer reading my print copy, but its nice to know that I don't have to keep storing back-issues any longer. I also enjoy having access to the bonus material. Yes, PDF format would be more convenient for me, but I fully support the league's decision to use a DRM-enabled format. If hams want to read QST badly enough, they should have to join the ARRL, no ifs, ands or buts.

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