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CQ SKS Call jmayer180 on 24/8/17
I'm pretty sure that it's the former. If it were the latter, it would be the equivalent of fishing for tuna in your bathtub. :-) Also, the abbreviation for Saskatchewan is SK, not SKS.

Mark AI4BJ
Funny looking antennas for SDR dongle KJ6BQM on 24/8/17
They are designed for transmitting on higher UHF frequencies. For *receiving*, the larger whip should hear on those frequencies just as well as the smaller ones, if not better.

Mark AI4BJ
$300 HackRF dongle vs. $41 Ham it up? KJ6BQM on 8/8/17
If you only need Rx and are primarily interested in HF coverage, take a look at the soon-to-ship Airspy HF+. It promises exceptional performance for a very modest price tag (
Callsign lookup as a web-service N0BOK on 27/6/17
This provides some limited information:

I tested the getLicenses method with Postman and was able to locate my license record. Not much detail other than license holder name and expiration date.

Mark AI4BJ

can i work jt-65 on field day? KJ6BQM on 13/6/17
Field Day imposes no restrictions on operating modes, as long as the full exchange (class + ARRL section) is sent and received.

Mark AI4BJ

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