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New ham coax questions W4RTA 2 weeks, 3 days ago
Good advice above. One advantage of attaching the connectors yourself is that you can get away with drilling a much smaller hole through your wall, particularly if you use RG8X.

Field Day Exchange K0MGA on 23/6/16
Just 1B KS. You'll specify "Battery" when you submit your entry.
Yaesu 817 for digimodes in my apartment. KJ6BQM on 10/6/16
My friend Lee KK4JSJ has earned DXCC running digital modes at QRP levels from his apartment. Check out his profile on I'm sure he would be willing to share his experiences with you.
Reverse Class D Exemption from Field Day AA1PR on 2/6/16
That's because this particular event is called Field Day, not Home Day! :-)

Seriously, the rules for Field Day have been set up to encourage portable/field participation using emergency power sources. Awarding points for home/home contacts made using normal commercial power entirely defeats this purpose. This would be analogous to, for example, allowing credit for NY <> FL contacts during the California QSO Party.

Don't forget about class E. Disconnect your rig from your A/C power supply and run it from a battery or generator, and you'll get credit for every station you work!

Mark AI4BJ
Flash player Making site unusable KBurton on 2/6/16
I use Chrome with the Flashcontrol plug-in, so this is a non-issue for me.

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