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Point to Point Current Propigation N2AOO 2 weeks, 6 days ago
Are you thinking of the Reverse Beacon Network?
My Inverted V's PLASTIC COATING has all peeled off. Is this a problem? K6PAA on 19/6/19
The wire insulation is only an insulator at DC. It is essentially invisible at RF frequencies. It would make for a pretty lousy antenna if that were not the case! :-)

Bottom line: You should not see a discernible change in performance.

Mark AI4BJ
FT8 AG5P on 30/5/19
Yes, that's all it is. I'm baffled by its wild popularity, but to each his/her own!

When I simply want to see how far my signal can travel, I use WSPR. When I want to make a QSO where I can actually converse with someone, I use SSB, CW or PSK31.

Mark AI4BJ
ARRL policies and practices k1vsk on 2/5/19
I think the word you are thinking of is "proactive", not "prospective".

My division's vice-director attended our local club meeting a couple of months ago and asked us if we had any questions or concerns about league activities. To me, that's a good example of being proactive.

Mark AI4BJ
Bringing Ham Radio to school kb1jlw on 12/4/19
Hi Hisham,

It's great that you're willing to volunteer to start a ham club at your daughter's school! I have to warn you though: Capturing and then retaining interest in amateur radio in today's youth is hard, hard, hard. I've been involved in youth outreach for many years, and in my experience it is best to focus on simply having fun and exposing them to the many sides of the hobby. If any of the students are interested in earning their own license (and very few will be), it is probably best to point them to available resources and let them study on their own.

I no longer measure my success by the number of youngsters I mentor who quickly become licensed hams. I now realize that most will not reach the necessary motivation level until they are much older and have spare time, disposable income and a better appreciation for amateur radio as a valuable form of backup communication. Now, I feel like I am being successful when I see a smile come over a child's face after they make their first QSO, or when they turn on the simple electronic kit they have just completed and watch it come to life. I've come to terms with the fact that I am a farmer planting seeds, who may not be around when the seeds finally germinate.

Mark AI4BJ

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