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Callsign lookup as a web-service N0BOK 3 weeks, 3 days ago
This provides some limited information:

I tested the getLicenses method with Postman and was able to locate my license record. Not much detail other than license holder name and expiration date.

Mark AI4BJ

can i work jt-65 on field day? KJ6BQM on 13/6/17
Field Day imposes no restrictions on operating modes, as long as the full exchange (class + ARRL section) is sent and received.

Mark AI4BJ
Field Day Rules W7WOW on 1/6/17
1) no need to say "battery". You will specify power source when you submit your entry.

2) The same station cannot submit two FD entries. You would only file as "Battery" if ALL of your contacts were made using battery power. Likewise, you can only claim the 5W power multiplier if ALL your contacts are made at 5W or less.

Mark AI4BJ
Operating in remote QTH - what do I need to know/do? KC1HBG on 28/3/17
This should help:
Operating in remote QTH - what do I need to know/do? KC1HBG on 28/3/17
Canada and the U.S. have a reciprocal operating agreement, so you don't need to obtain a temporary call sign. Just use your normal call sign (which you didn't include in your post, tsk, tsk) "slash" VE1. If your contacts record this correctly in their logs, they will receive proper credit for the QSO.

You shouldn't have any problems with U.S. Customs, but if you want to play it safe, bring along your original receipts.

Mark AI4BJ (ex-Maritimer)

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