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best solar panel vs RFI K6CA 4 weeks ago
I've never heard of solar panels with built-in inverters. Typically, solar panels are used to charge 12 or 24-volt batteries via some sort of charge controller. If 120 VAC is desired, an inverter is attached to the batteries.

Are you perhaps confusing inverters with charge controllers? They perform two completely different functions.

Mark AI4BJ
field day w5xk on 24/6/14
I forgot to mention one additional "home" operating class - class E. Class E is the same as class D, but using an emergency power source, such as a generator. Class E stations can work all other stations.
field day w5xk on 24/6/14
I'll be working Field Day from home this year. I'll be setting up a temporary solar-powered station in my backyard, using a wire antenna suspended from a fiberglass push-up mast. My class will be 1B.

If for some reason I was unable to leave the house, I could operate from my normal home station as class 1D. Class D stations cannot work each other, but may work all other classes. Class D stations may not receive the benefit of testing their preparedness for emergencies, but they provide useful additional contacts for all the stations that are out in the field.

All operating classes in Field Day serve a useful purpose, and as such all are due full credit for their participation.

Entry Level Powerpoint Presentations? W1VT on 13/6/14
These are easy to find using Google. Just be sure to include "filetype:ppt" in the search box.
Field Day Logging Software K5LYT on 11/6/14
N3FJP field day log is probably the most popular program, and it's easy to use.

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