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Best place to buy parts and components imdrich1 1 day, 10 hours ago
ARRL used to sell a kit of all parts for Books 1 & 2 (p/n 1255K), but it seems that they no longer offer it. I would reach out to the author (N0AX) to see if he knows of anyone still selling them.
Questioning 2018 FD Rules re: "Digital" WL7COO on 22/6/18
The rules don't explicitly address this, but as Field Day is (primarily) an emergency preparedness test, I would expect that any QSOs that depend on a functioning internet would not be valid for points.

73, Mark AI4BJ
ft8 legal for field day contacts? KJ6BQM on 22/6/18
Field Day has:

* Five dense pages of written rules
* An elaborate scoring system, including bonus points
* Results are published in QST not in call sign order, but in descending order of points earned

Ergo: Field Day IS a contest, albeit an atypical one. :-)

73, Mark AI4BJ
ft8 legal for field day contacts? KJ6BQM on 11/6/18
Yes, it's certainly legal, but whether or not it is like free ice cream is debatable. I expect the tiny FT8 sub-bands to be thoroughly congested during FD. If you really want to shoot fish in a barrel, CW is the way to go. ;-)

Mark AI4BJ
Which group of letters should I use? gvhorwitz on 16/2/18
Hi Greg,

I used G4FON myself to learn CW, and highly recommend it. I learned the letters in the order that the program presents them. (I think it starts with K and M). I don't think the particular order matters too much, as it shouldn't take you more than a week or two to work up to the full alphabet.

"20/5" means that the program is generating characters for 20 WPM, but is spacing them out so that the EFFECTIVE WPM is only 5 WPM. This sounds like a good starting point. As your copying skill improves, you can slowly increase the Effective WPM.

Good luck!
Mark AI4BJ

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