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Get Lines Out of the House N4DCT 3 weeks, 4 days ago
I ran my coax through the end of the ridge vent on my roof, into my attic. My shack is on the second floor, though. This isn't a good solution if your shack is in the basement!
Portable Operation Battery and XCVR Protection DV1UBY 4 weeks, 1 day ago
SLA (sealed lead-acid) batteries come in many different sizes, are relatively inexpensive, but very heavy. LiFePO4 (lithium iron-phosphate) batteries have a much higher energy density and have a longer life than SLA batteries, but cost more. As Zack states, you don't need to worry about surges, but batteries contain a lot of energy and a short-circuit can have catastrophic consequences. Fuse your power lines and be extra careful with any exposed leads or connections!
Farewell to Radio Shack AB4CT on 20/8/15
I have never frequented my local Radio Shack stores looking for technical advice, so I have never been disappointed. :-) What I do find is a surprisingly wide assortment of components. When I need a part *now*, I don't mind paying a couple of extra bucks.

I still have a partially-punched "free battery a month" card from back in the 70s.
FM operation for ARRL VHF June Contest KX1W on 6/7/15
No need to get snarky with Ron, Gerald. Contest rules are not part of the Extra class question pool, nor should they be, as contesting is an entirely optional activity within amateur radio. If and when a ham decides to participate in a contest, then yes, it certainly behooves him/her to become acquainted with the rules for that contest.

Mark AI4BJ
RS/RST in contests KB9YOJ on 5/7/15
Zach is correct, Matt. The static 59 (or 599) simply functions as a "sync symbol" that helps to identify the actual exchange information. I find it particularly useful in CW contests, when the exchanges are sent at a much higher speed than I would ever be comfortable with in a normal ragchew. My brain easily locks in on the sound of "5NN" (nines are usually truncated to N's for brevity) and is then fully prepared to receive the actual exchange information.

A true signal report is entirely unnecessary in a contest, since the QSO is already over before either operator would have time to adjust Tx power level. There is a time and a place for an honest signal report, and a contest just isn't one of those times, unless (and this happens rarely) you are requested to provide one by the other operator.

Mark AI4BJ

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