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Status ARRL audio news Aug 21st 2013, 11:03 3 2,035 on 22/9/13
JOTA 2012 Oct 18th 2012, 09:05 1 2,248 on 18/10/12

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Status ARRL audio news PE1HZG on 22/9/13
Apologies for awakening my own topic, but:
The service started again this weekend.

Re-broadcasters should be aware that the HTTP filename path changed (again). I've asked ARRL not to change it any further, we'll have to see.


Geert Jan PE1HZG
Status ARRL audio news PE1HZG on 21/8/13
I'm a bit confused about the state of ARRL audio news. It suddenly stopped, with barely any warning, on june 3; the home page says the service has stopped, but a brief note in ARRL news says that the service is just suspended while changes are made.

No clue as to what these changes are, what the status is, what the new service looks like and when (if?) it will start again.

ARRL audio news is relayed by many users. I'd think that proper notice is very desirable and I'm not sure if that is what we have seen so far.

What is done, is done, but: 1. will it start again, 2. when, 3. how, 4. what will the new service look like?

73, Geert Jan
Why isn't there more action on ARRL forum? AA6E on 18/10/12
There are many other forums ( comes to mind). I have not found a compelling reason to prefer this forum above another.
QST in electronic format KB0HAE on 18/10/12
The propietary "adobe air" format they're using was obsolete before online QST was introduced; the only maker, Adobe, dropped linux support a few months before "electronic QST" was introduced.
You may be able to read it on your ipad today but good luck try to read it a few years on, when adobe decided to drop it on other platforms.

At least for PDF multiple implementations do exist, and supposed 'copyright' issues can be addressed by watermarking.

I was excited when I learned about this new feature. Having seen it a few months, and complained about it to ARRL (which hasn't been responded to), I'm disappointed as I can't use it

Geert Jan
JOTA 2012 PE1HZG on 18/10/12
While ARRL reports about 250 registered JOTA stations in the USA, the very small country of the Netherlands has at least that many ;-). And we're looking for scouting stations elsewhere in the world.

A few useful data points:

The German amateur radio club DARC organizes a contest during the very same weekend as JOTA, causing severe, severe interference. There are contest-free segments, so listen for us there, see

There will be some two dozen stations reachable through our IRLP-capable repeaters. Call us on IRLP node 8600, 8610, 8620. We'll also monitor reflector 9091 which seems to be set up for this.

English is not a native language for our children, but is tought at school. Our kids may need a little encouragement so they learn that their English really does work for them. Please encourage them!

If you want to get an impression of our activity. have a look at
This is in Dutch but the site works remarkably well though google translate. You'll find attendance lists and maps there. We're in the big blurry spot in the southeast on the map.


Geert Jan PE1HZG

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