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Determining direction of interference traveling via a power line Jan 3rd 2021, 18:23 2 5,800 on 5/1/21

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Determining direction of interference traveling via a power line W1NT on 3/1/21
New interference cropped up recently. I am hearing a broader
hash with a "musical whine" disrupting 160M . It seems to be a fairly consistent on/off cycle, however, I have noticed the cycle duration change slightly depending on the day. Duration is some number of seconds on and then some number of seconds off where off time is always greater.

Source is not QTH generated as the problem exists when house power is cut at the mains. Walking nearby power lines with a handheld AM radio I am only able to detect the noise when directly underneath the power line and so far it is consistent for as far as I have walked.

A picture of the RFI is here:

Short cycle audio here:

And longer cycle audio here:

Given the nature of the findings was hoping anyone may have leads as to a source or can provide the method by which to locate a source given that the RFI seems to be traveling down the existing utilities?



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