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set output Dec 30th 2022, 17:52 2 2,606 on 4/1/23
Deliberate and constant interferance Mar 5th 2016, 18:16 4 11,502 on 28/12/18
Relinquish Feb 5th 2013, 18:33 1 6,641 on 5/2/13

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set output N9XAW on 30/12/22
My HF rig says it puts out 100 watts.
I would like to start exploring QRP operation.
I can turn down the RF output but do I set power out using an AM carrier or USB whistling or talking to see if the power is less than 10 watts (or less)? My mode will be SSB with QRP operation.
Thank you
Bob Pointer
Deliberate and constant interferance N9XAW on 5/3/16
S8NB on 14.301 started CQ contest on top of Maritime Net on 14.300. He was advised several times he was really tearing up the net and could he please QSY. His answer was kind of like "so what?" After being ask several times to QSY he continued, even acknowledging he was causing problems. Is it any wonder many of us consider contests rude and rules out the window?
FCC News: Kansas Ham Issued $10,000 Fine for Operation of Unlicensed Broadcast Station K9YC on 6/2/13
Too bad the FCC can't monitor 14.313. They could issue fines all day long there but really don't seem to care about the ham bands.
Relinquish N9XAW on 5/2/13
Our local Emergency Management Office has set up a multi-county repeater linking system. It depends on repeaters in each county that can be linked together in an emergency.
VHF repeater pairs are hard to come by. In one county there are no pairs available for us to use. There are repeater pairs coordinated to individuals who do not have repeaters on the air. In particular, one repeater has been allocated to an individual who has been a silent key for some time. Our repeater coordinator has decided the allocation can be passed to the widow, who also has no repeater on the air and likely has no intention of doing so.
There were many cases in our area where individuals applied for repeater pairs and were granted them but have not put up any repeaters, they are just hording the pairs.
I realize coordination is voluntary and without it there would be total chaios on the air but there must be somethign to keep people from squatting on repeater pairs with no intention of using them or saying "they might put up a repeater some day".
No we can't go UHF because we have already purchased and installed the hardware.
Thoughts? Suggestions?
(P.S. the FCC could care less)

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