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ARRL Store Aug 2nd 2023, 05:24 1 1,499 on 2/8/23
Digital for all? Aug 3rd 2015, 18:52 1 7,810 on 3/8/15
D-Star discussion Jul 24th 2015, 23:05 2 7,106 on 25/7/15

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ARRL Store K4DL on 2/8/23
I have had issues with the online store since the website change. It seems very slow and often I find it taking minutes to load pages and sometimes just not going at all. If you do load a page it is awkward to move back.It seems like it is poorly designed and I have not been able to locate items to buy for some time. Are there plans to update the store and overall website to a better performing platform or at least to the quality we had before the change?
Welcome to the A1 Operator Club forum billmoore on 8/5/19
I see that I have one nomination for A-1 Operator. Maybe one day I will get the second one. I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw my call on the list. Thank you whoever nominated me.
FT8 AG5P on 30/8/17
The only problem now is if you have a contact uploaded as DATA and FT8 and then the contact partner uploads as DATA, LoTW does not match it with the DATA contact you uploaded but confirms you FT8 with their DATA QSO and that messes up FT8 WAS in the process. A clear flaw that hopefully they will correct.

Quote by AA6E
**ADDED** Latest update of TQSL and LoTW support FT8 without any fuss. Disregard following.

Easy workaround:

Select File > Display or Modify Prefences...
Select ADIF Modes tab
Add... ADIF Mode = FT8
Resulting TQSL mode: DATA

Now, when you run TQSL, ADIF file's FT8 QSOs will be mapped into DATA QSOs for LoTW. ARRL awards category DATA is the same as JT65 and other digital modes. It would be nice to record your Q's as FT8 in LoTW, but it's not necessary.

73 GL Martin AA6E
Digital for all? K4DL on 3/8/15
I have been looking at the various Digital modes for years. I am concerned when we have repeaters dedicated to single modes and not providing multi mode options. This can lead to some real issues during disasters and emergency communications. For voice, I question the need to go digital. I am not convinced the audio quality is as good on digital modes and we have no mandate to make such a change. Second, If we have 3 or 4 modes, how do we all talk to each other?
We have to go back to analog FM for that. Networking over the internet is a good thing and has been around for 20 years or so. It can be done at the repeater side (actually it has to be done at that point regardless of mode) and does not require the purchase of a new radio or even software. All FM repeaters can pass digital modes already for data. So why not put together a system so that everyone is already able to utilize the network? Let's think "backward compatible" and have everything work with every existing analog repeater in the country.

Let's rethink this thing and do away with competing digital modes. If we allow the manufacturers to make the decisions they will always look for what will sell more radios. That's just business. The Amateur Radio community needs to be involved and set a standard that all can use and is compatible with the existing infrastructure. Then we all win.

So now someone tell me how stupid I am and how we need to help Icom and Yaesu or whomever make more money.
D-Star discussion K4DL on 24/7/15
I am looking for some discussion on D-Star but did not really see a forum that looked like it was dedicated to the topic.

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