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DirecTV and TVI Help needed Jun 30th 2012, 17:37 5 7,581 on 3/7/12

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DirecTV and TVI Help needed W4JPA on 3/7/12
Thanks for the feedback and ideas. Here is what happened;

The wall bracket connecting earth wires from the transducer head and the coax outers to a ground strap was just waving in the wind. The earth wire was so corroded it had broken off and no ground strap had been installed.

A 8’ ground rod was pushed into the ground and a good, solid copper wire run up to a new connection bracket. A new ground was wired to the dish lugs. A quick test indoors on 20 and 17 meters using both the OCF Dipole and the Hex passed with flying colours. Not even a trace of interference.

I hope this helps anyone else with similar problem
DirecTV and TVI Help needed W4JPA on 30/6/12
This subject has been up before but I can't find a solution (Several folks note they do not have problems).

I do not get any interference on terrestrial TV in my shack or when I use the terrestrial antenna to feed the TV in the front room. I.E. Problem only occurs when I feed the TV in the front room with DirecTV (via HDMI cable). We get a marked pixelation and "Loss Of Signal" message, and the sound disappears. (no audio breakthrough).

No problems occur using a dummy load or my OCF dipole on 20 meters. Problems appear on 17 meters using the OCF Dipole and both 20 and 17 meters using my Hex beam. (other bands not tested)

I've checked all connections, run extra ground to dish, rear of DirecTV receiver and my rig. Not quite sure what to do next.

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