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decoding PSK31 Apr 6th 2018, 14:22 4 7,461 on 6/4/18

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decoding PSK31 K1NFD on 6/4/18
Thanks for the sample. Of course that did work. It now seems that most of the signals that I was trying to decode were FT8. So that probably means that I have not been able to find any PSK31, has it vanished?
decoding PSK31 K1NFD on 6/4/18
I am trying to get one of the PSK31 programs to decode anything. I have a ICOM IC-7300 and have tried using the USB connection (sound card simulated by the 7300) and using an analog connection to the sound card in the computer. I have tried the 80, 40 and 20 meter PSK frequences. I see waterfall PSK signals and hear the PSK signals but I can't get either TrueTTY or WinWarbler to decode anything.
Both the 7300 and decoding programs are set to USB. The sound cards are not overloading. When using a separate program to listen to the sound card input sounds it just like the earphone output of the 7300.
This is on a windows 10 system with a i7-4790 4 GHz processor - speed is not a factor.
I must be missing something rather basic.

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