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QST on a Chromebook N5LB on 19/11/14
While traveling recently for a few months I realized that I cannot read my e-QST on my Chromebook. I could not find an app that allowed me to download and open QST.

This is fairly disappointing since I do travel a bit and have moved away from an expensive PC as well as the iPad (it couldn't handle some business websites - another whole story) and now use a $200 Chromebook.

Other than going back to hauling an iPad or PC just for QST do you see any future Google Chrome app for QST?

QST online N5LB on 10/5/14
Apple iPad

I keep getting an authentication error and will not accept login when trying to read the June 2014 QST. ARRL website login is fine.

I have attempted to download , or to read the latest QST multiple times. My internet connection I'd running okay.
Surfin N5LB on 6/1/14
Is it possible to get the Surfin articles listed in date order?
WN5ORM - looking for my novice QSL card N5LB on 14/7/13
This would be 1966 timeframe. I'd appreciate you looking through your old cards for WN5ORM.


QST Digital Version - Got to be a better way KB2HF on 11/4/13
I find that it loads slow on my iPad and am also disappointed that I cannot save a PDF. The IEEE Spectrum e-reader isn't much better so I suppose we are early in magazine distribution technology though I can save a PDF.

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