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MITRE Corp and Wideband HF Experimental License Feb 16th 2015, 22:29 1 6,835 on 16/2/15
QST on a Chromebook Nov 19th 2014, 17:04 1 7,243 on 19/11/14
QST online May 10th 2014, 00:47 19 14,591 on 26/4/16
Surfin Jan 6th 2014, 01:44 2 6,525 on 6/1/14
WN5ORM - looking for my novice QSL card Jul 14th 2013, 02:51 1 6,378 on 14/7/13
Windows 8 JT65 and WSPR Nov 25th 2012, 23:59 2 8,331 on 26/11/12
Windows 8 Compatibility Nov 24th 2012, 19:06 6 10,408 on 14/5/13
Windows 8 Oct 29th 2012, 01:27 5 9,437 on 22/9/13
Linksys WRT54GS 20 Meter Interference Jul 16th 2011, 14:17 9 13,738 on 4/12/11

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MITRE Corp and Wideband HF Experimental License N5LB on 16/2/15
The latest assault on amateur spectrum is of course the result of incredibly poor FCC decision processes, intense lobbying, and lack of transparency.

If MITRE is allowed to proceed in the NE US they will wipe out most amateur HF communications below 16 Mhz when they are on.

Perhaps it will drive all of us to digital everything on HF, maybe that could work, but most older hams would probably just quit.

Of far more concern is what MITRE will try to license next? I fear that the monetization of amateur HF spectrum by the government is a real possibility. If that occurs, well, hams are done, fini.

Every ham organization should be ready to fight and expect to do just that. I would like to hear more of what the ARRL proposes to do, beyond Imlays' actions, once MITRE is allowed to proceed without restriction.
QST on a Chromebook N5LB on 19/11/14
While traveling recently for a few months I realized that I cannot read my e-QST on my Chromebook. I could not find an app that allowed me to download and open QST.

This is fairly disappointing since I do travel a bit and have moved away from an expensive PC as well as the iPad (it couldn't handle some business websites - another whole story) and now use a $200 Chromebook.

Other than going back to hauling an iPad or PC just for QST do you see any future Google Chrome app for QST?

QST online N5LB on 10/5/14
Apple iPad

I keep getting an authentication error and will not accept login when trying to read the June 2014 QST. ARRL website login is fine.

I have attempted to download , or to read the latest QST multiple times. My internet connection I'd running okay.
Surfin N5LB on 6/1/14
Is it possible to get the Surfin articles listed in date order?
WN5ORM - looking for my novice QSL card N5LB on 14/7/13
This would be 1966 timeframe. I'd appreciate you looking through your old cards for WN5ORM.



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