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Surfin Jan 6th, 01:44 2 327 on 6/1/14
WN5ORM - looking for my novice QSL card Jul 14th 2013, 02:51 1 335 on 14/7/13
Windows 8 JT65 and WSPR Nov 25th 2012, 23:59 2 937 on 26/11/12
Windows 8 Compatibility Nov 24th 2012, 19:06 6 1,905 on 14/5/13
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Surfin N5LB on 6/1/14
Is it possible to get the Surfin articles listed in date order?
WN5ORM - looking for my novice QSL card N5LB on 14/7/13
This would be 1966 timeframe. I'd appreciate you looking through your old cards for WN5ORM.


QST Digital Version - Got to be a better way KB2HF on 11/4/13
I find that it loads slow on my iPad and am also disappointed that I cannot save a PDF. The IEEE Spectrum e-reader isn't much better so I suppose we are early in magazine distribution technology though I can save a PDF.
13.8 volt power supply recommendations WA2P on 11/4/13
I use Astron 20A linear ps. Been running fine for ten years. Kind of heavy but very solid performer. Obviously no RFI.
Vertical HF Antennas KD1OK on 11/4/13
What did you decide to do? I have been using a half wave vertical on 20 but limited to one band right now. Wondering how these no radial verticals perform.

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