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Past magazine article. Nov 16th, 20:05 2 89 1 week, 5 days ago
6GE5 plate curves. Oct 22nd 2013, 03:53 3 800 on 29/10/13
Finding an article. Jul 28th 2013, 19:29 3 946 on 26/3/14
Standard time and frequency station Jun 26th 2013, 13:51 3 933 on 29/7/13

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Past magazine article. W8AVD 2 weeks ago
Can anyone supply me with the article, "A siimple and accurate admittance bridge", by Wilfred N. Caron from the July 1992 Communications Quarterly?
Finding an article. W8AVD on 26/3/14
I found the article. It is the amplifier designed by WA2EBY in March 2006 QST.
6GE5 plate curves. W8AVD on 29/10/13
Thank you Zack!
6GE5 plate curves. W8AVD on 22/10/13
Can anyone provide or lead me to a copy of the plate current/grid voltage curves for the 6GE5 tube?
Standard time and frequency station W8AVD on 29/7/13
There is never anything but one second ticks and the identifier so I don't think it is the Cuba station RR.

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