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plaque list again Feb 19th 2015, 12:27 1 6,251 on 19/2/15
plaques Sep 13th 2011, 20:25 2 7,756 on 15/9/11

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plaque list again K7AWB on 19/2/15
I see my 2011 post about where to find the list of plaque is broken. So where is the current list of plaques? I think a list of available plaques before a contest is in order as that sometimes determines the category you will be in.

Steve K7AWB
Nine Mile Falls, WA
plaques K7AWB on 13/9/11
where do i find a list of the plaques to be given in a particular contest, i.e. the recent Sept VHF? sponsored, of course. I would hope that there would be a list before the contest starts so one can chose the category of their entry before the contest starts, if one so desires.

Steve K7AWB

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