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Using wi-fi routers ("mesh system" 2012? qst) WD6EJN on 16/2/18
Rather belated update but I showed the picture in qst of the BT and Parrot earphones and four wheel drive perched on the side of the cliff (dont try to cut & paste this and send it to a non ham you will get blocked and not see this article again!) He is a computer guru and said this is a Rasberry Pie. oops! Sorry I was trying to update the other post and Lost the hot spot connection, theres no cut & psts so you have to read it hea
I couldnt find the same BT & earphones as the ham kit at candy store, so I still dont know where I can buy it I dont think its rasberry pie.

How can I hear cw and hams again? WD6EJN on 10/2/18
I tried this several times (not as bad as an app! a tablet with apps, I am finding out that apps make it easier or harder to make some things work and block other sites without apps such as music and radio stations from around the world) with no luck I will try it again, still won't work without a credit card.
I was able to get sdr and web sdr to work but in comparison with ham sites.
-------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2-16-2018-----------------------------------

I just want a picture of a ham rig (preferably local so I can hear my own signal) with a bunch of knobs.
Again these sites (sdr) that don't work without a desktop disc drive my tablet does not have a thumb drive and is 3g.
It was nice to be able to easily click on to what appear to be very obsolete
technology as what I am seeing in comparison are internet sites for multi (what the crap is a dongle!) as these are far more advanced then the ham sites but none of these are user friendly mhz to almost light and I am not able to find (click on) a site that will let me hear from 0 to 300 mhz (general coverage) not just ham frequencies as when I build an antenna to hopefully go outside I need to hear frequencies adjacent to the bands in conjunction with swr analyzer.
I am also working on loop yagis so I need a site (not south africa or nome alaska!) Within several miles or around the block).
When I went on many of these sites to practice morse code after many decades, although the antennas were very elaborate I was surprised to hear very little ham activity all around the world, still a lot more then my indoor antenna.

--------------------------------------------- 2-18-2018 --------------------------------------------
.....................------------------- do not auto rotate-------------------------............ I enjoyed discovering other sdr sites around the world and I really was amazed by the number of different languages and modes, but I don't understand why general coverage is not allowed. I would much rather tune continuously across the spectrum then jump back and forth from one function to another.



- • - • - - • - - • - • - - • - - • - • - - • -==========........................
How can I hear cw and hams again? WD6EJN on 29/1/18
I never thought I would succumb to this but how can I hear cw on the web?
I have tried many times to log on to echo link.with no luck it just doesn't work with a tablet.

I just want to find a ham rig that I can control with my tablet.
If I can't hear cw again I'll have to do cb or something.
I don't even care about making a contact any more, just getting on anything other then repeaters has become impossible, And I can no longer hear anything with an indoor antenna.
I just went to the sdr sites and although these (Sf, Arizona) are useless to me as I want a ham transceiver closer to home, I have wanted to see if I could make a contact on vhf-ghz frequencies from here, If these ham rigs go up to these ghz/mhz, (just receive subbands) frequencies.
This might sound strange to you but I would much rather see if I can hear my (ghz)signal then use someone elses radio.

Public Service Home Page KA8TNF on 17/5/16
Quote by KA8TNF
I noticed when I was checking on the PS Home page, there is a picture of a CERT member holding an FRS radio. REALLY! We could'nt find a HAM Radio with a ARES vest. I'm just saying!! Terry KA8TNF

I don't believe it! I have been trying to implement frs for casual non-license communications for many years between neighbors on our block with no luck.
I know it's not my indoor antennas as I can hear plenty of sinals including an occasional weak signal from a 70cm ham rig near by.
Any form of radio by non radio/internet/cell phone devotees is frowned uponed.
What is the url of CERT member holding frs radio?
Facebook Hams WD6EJN on 17/5/16
I have not really made many "friends" on Facebook for many years.
The only Facebook members that I seem to have any thing in common is other hams! but I have not been able to search or have them show up in my "possible friends" list, how can I search for more ham radio (preferably hams having a tough time financially as I am) operators on FAcebook?

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