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Using wi-fi routers ("mesh system" 2012? qst) WD6EJN on 16/2/18
Rather belated update but I showed the picture in qst of the BT and Parrot earphones and four wheel drive perched on the side of the cliff (dont try to cut & paste this and send it to a non ham you will get blocked and not see this article again!) He is a computer guru and said this is a Rasberry Pie. oops! Sorry I was trying to update the other post and Lost the hot spot connection, theres no cut & psts so you have to read it hea
I couldnt find the same BT & earphones as the ham kit at candy store, so I still dont know where I can buy it I dont think its rasberry pie.

Public Service Home Page KA8TNF on 17/5/16
Quote by KA8TNF
I noticed when I was checking on the PS Home page, there is a picture of a CERT member holding an FRS radio. REALLY! We could'nt find a HAM Radio with a ARES vest. I'm just saying!! Terry KA8TNF

I don't believe it! I have been trying to implement frs for casual non-license communications for many years between neighbors on our block with no luck.
I know it's not my indoor antennas as I can hear plenty of sinals including an occasional weak signal from a 70cm ham rig near by.
Any form of radio by non radio/internet/cell phone devotees is frowned uponed.
What is the url of CERT member holding frs radio?
Facebook Hams WD6EJN on 17/5/16
I have not really made many "friends" on Facebook for many years.
The only Facebook members that I seem to have any thing in common is other hams! but I have not been able to search or have them show up in my "possible friends" list, how can I search for more ham radio (preferably hams having a tough time financially as I am) operators on FAcebook?
HTX-202 back up battery WD6EJN on 30/3/16
It's not the battery!
When I opened the case the first thing I did was check the (second battery I replaced with a holder 8 years ago) voltage which was 3.01v and the + battery lead looked soldered.
Since the battery was ok it must have been something else.
I had to pull the shield up to look under as I thought the + lead must be broken.
I couldn't get the shield loose as the tiny sheet metal screw was blocked by the ptt button GLUED! in place.
With the new battery (3.5v no load) in place I couldn't get the screw that holds the speaker and the shield on tight.
Unless the factory battery was attached elsewhere then soldered to the shield as I had done, this caused an intermittent over the years.
There was even a plastic tape insultating the shield from the ground!
I could not get the screw under the ptt switch so I left it out.
I placed a star washer between the speaker mount and no 4 sheet metal screw.
I almost had a heart attack when the display went on indicating 144mhz! after what I had been through.
I think soldering the negative lead to the rf shield (unless I did this) was a factory goof.
HTX-202 back up battery WD6EJN on 22/3/16
I recently got the message er-2 on my Radio Shack htx-202 handie talkie.
I assumed this was the same message I got 8 years ago and changed the memory backup battery.
When I replaced the battery I got the message in the window er-1.
Perhaps it wasn't the battery.
The manual was stolen out of my storage locker some years ago so I had no instructions on how to turn the radio on again.
I fear the tiny wire connecting the battery under the lcd display is broken and there is no way to fix it.
I tried every thing, holding different buttons and turning radio on, holding buttons the placing battery on base.
It appears toast! I can't believe it I have had so much luck with this radio over the years.

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