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Local Eoc (in case the web goes down) Round The Block Net Need Dirt Cheap Wireless Microphones! WD6EJN 3 weeks, 3 days ago
Quote by W1VT
How a TV News Live Truck Works! #StormKING

They use a mast nearly 50 ft tall to get the distance.

Zack W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

I just want to know where they get their wireless microphones without receivers, if I could find a Ramsey Electronics that sold a fm handie talkie kit, we could just build the transmitters and every one would have to get ham licenses no big deal.
I can't remember the newscasters name right now, but when she extended the mast it went right into a power pole, her face was pretty messed up and she barely survived.
Local Eoc (in case the web goes down) Round The Block Net Need Dirt Cheap Wireless Microphones! WD6EJN on 28/6/15
Quote by WA0CBW
Yes you need a license for GMRS. For the most part there are very few frequencies that don't need licenses (MURS/FRS/CB). You may be a bit confused about "wireless microphones". Microphones don't transmit but the transmitter they are connected do. So a one watt microphone is really a one watt transmitter and depending on the frequency it uses would require a license. Also, wireless microphones need an antenna for the frequency they are using. The higher the frequency the shorter the antenna. The FCC regulates frequencies and what can be used on each frequency as well as the power levels. Have you looked into "stealth" ham antennas? There are many designs available for those whose locations are "antenna challenged".

Wouldn't one assume if there is no wire attached it is a wireless microphone!, a lot of them are attached to belt clips with lavelier mics much like hand held without receivers, but cost over $300.00, most of the new ones that you see have the cube at the bottom which I assume house the battery, but I think these would only put out 50 millitatts.
It seems like an impossible task but the group I would start would just have to obtain ham licences no one would go for this!, frs might work with a pl tone, but I still have to have a roof mounted beam (channel 15 yagi with 30db preamp).and at least a stacked pair of moon bounce beams.
I have tried many "stealth antennas" for ham radio over the years, but there is so much surveillance by neighbors wherever I had to live that even a 30 gauge wire does not go unnoticed.
The reason I have decided on wireless microphones is no one on the block is going to pay the price for a gmrs radio and license unless there was some sort of huge donation.
I have seen some remote shots on movies and tv news that are really far away! they must use a huge dish or yagi to pick up the signals.
Local Eoc (in case the web goes down) Round The Block Net Need Dirt Cheap Wireless Microphones! WD6EJN on 16/6/15
I have heard of folks having gmrs (do you still need a licence?) repeaters or frs simplex for their neighborhoods and non hams being able to check in with other neighbors.
I have been looking for wireless microphone transmitters such as the news uses for remote camera use.
I have tried to have neighbors get interested in using frs/gmrs for years with no success, mostly the cost of building a repeater licensing of gmrs etc and folks these days are allergic to analog devices and anything with an antenna longer then 3 inches!
I think if I could find a box of wireless microphones (at least one watt) in kit form there is a simple way as a ham to relay messages or maybe third party contacts.
What would be cool is to have a build your own gathering where neighbors could buy (in large quantities to save money) projects then check in weekly and lots of chat on the weekdays.
Specially good for senior shut ins with nothing to do.
I found a neat way of receiving signals mostly on vhf using my aluminum walking stick! and it works great hooked up to my portable stereo, I have yet to transmit a signal on two meters with my walking stick (5/8 wave) and this would be great as a wireless transmitter antenna, wooden ones could have a loading coil or matching section.
You can't imagine how long I've been trying to find these! (just transmitters without receivers).
I have had incredible antenna restrictions wherever I've lived so the only way is to have more power in the microphones if I have to settle for a repeater or relaying signals until I can get permission to get something on the roof (impossible task).
Analog Atomic Wall Clock With Silent Second Hand No Battery WD6EJN on 9/6/15
This company sells a 24hour clock you can plug into to your computer that gets accurate time via Internet servers. No AA batteries and quiet operation with an analog dial.

Zack Lau W1VT [/color]

I would think there would be too much delay through the internet for any kind of accuracy.
I have had plans to have a video game with a non-ham friend on the internet, and I would be on the air possibly using a laser through the space station.
He insist that he will win every time and refuses to listen to me how much faster signals through the ether would be.
Isn't it just the way it goes we will probably never get around to having this contest, whether to human condition or money.
Resistors as Chokes WD6EJN on 9/6/15
Quote by W1VT

The resistive materials that I can think of, namely carbon and nichrome, are non-magnetic, but who knows what you might find at the hamfest.

I would measure it if I had any doubts about it. Preferably at the frequency of interest--an antenna analyzer is a readily available tool for doing this.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

I'm trying to make a low pass filter for a very tinny high impedance high gain microphone preamp (stereo hearing aid Ramsey Electronics) that I am specially building for a senior lady here and she also says it picks up too much back round noise rather then who she is speaking with, here's another problem! how do I add a third microphone to make it noise cancelling,,,L-R ? using home made low pass filter?
I wound these coils on 100-400k 1/4 watt resistors
each coil is around 1k of resistance and a bout 1/4 of an each round.
to make three series coils or six for both channels.
There seems to be a very small attenuation of the higher but not much.
I think I may have created a business here as another senior may want one!
The only way to check this is to substitute a coil for an existing one in an existing circuit and listen on a sw receiver as my mfj analyzer bit the dust a long time ago I added some iron by making e-cores out of used magnetic business cards, so it seems to work in the audio range, I just use a paper circle cutter.
Oh! I now stick all my resistor projects to rare earth magnets instead of placing in a cheap box or pill bottle....I hope this doesn't do any thing or damage the resistor.
Although quite large, I'm now winding coils on surplus 1 watt resistors, this seems to have knocked the frequency down, now I have a boom box amp.

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