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Call Sign Change Class, District Oct 31st 2014, 22:16 1 5,441 on 31/10/14

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Call Sign Change Class, District KW4AW on 31/10/14
-Q1. When a Technician Class ham with a 2x3 call sign takes/passes the General Class, will he be issued a new 1x3 call sign?
-Q2. And, if he received his Technician call sign in Virginia, then moves to Texas before taking the General Class, will his call also change from District 4 to District 5 call sign?
-Q3. When someone applies for a vanity call sign is he required to use the District in which he lives or can he request a call for any U.S. District?

73, Al Small
Old Call Sign's n0bfb on 31/10/14
Quote by n0bfb
Doe's anyone re-call when and if "wn" calls were assigned ?

I had "wn3zyw" c.1950s as a Novice, and then dropped the "n" when I passed my General and my call became "w3zyw".

My daughter got her Novice in mid 1980s, but rcvd "ka3"

73, Al Small

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