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ATT U-verse TV system KF0IQ on 22/4/16
U-Verse customers probably number in the millions by now. Statistically speaking, we've had a surprisingly small number of complaints given from them. Offhand I don't recall any in the last few months and most of the older complaints were resolved.
HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's) W4TL on 17/3/16
Assuming that you are operating at HF, ferrite beads are unlikely to fix the problem. I might suggest using ferrite toroids on the speaker leads, especially if this problem can occur even when the stereo is not on. Install the cores as close to the amplifier as practical. A good mix might be type 31 ferrite, but if you can't get it, try type 43. I'd start by wrapping about ten turns or so around the toroid to see what happens. You may also need to add similar chokes and an ac line filter to the power cord of the stereo. I would not think that this problem is directly related to the tripping AFCIs.
HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's) W4TL on 4/3/16
I have heard that Eaton recently came out with a newer version AFCI. Perhaps you don't have the latest version? I think it came out only a few months ago.

With regard to your antenna, I note that you say it is a vertical with no radials. This could suggest that your safety ground system is acting as an RF ground. I could see where excessive RF current flowing in the safety ground system might contribute to tripping AFCI's.
Samsung Refrigerator Overload W5RAA on 18/1/16
Does the display unlock if you temporarily unplug the fridge?

For common chokes, I might suggest using toroid core made of type 43 ferrite. An ac line filter made by Morgan Manufacturing is easy to install and has good common mode suppression. Take a look at the M-475-3, which is rated for 25A. Here is the URL:
Mobile from a Subaru XV W1MG on 8/6/15
Note: Posted by W1MG on behalf of VK3GLU:

I am an Aussie Ham who, a year ago, purchased a new Subaru XV. To my horror, after the purchase, I discovered the following caveat in the Owner's Manual - "do not install a radio transceiver in this vehicle".

I have unsuccessfully tried to get more information from Subaru about this for the past year. However, while browsing the ARRL Website, I noted a comment from Subaru America to ARRL that they "were aware that some Amateurs had successfully installed a transceiver in their Subaru."

If any ARRL or anyone else over there has a clue as to where the problem lies (and overcome it), they will become my best friend forever.

Thanks & 73 VK3GLU (aka SLEEPY)

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