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Mobile from a Subaru XV W1MG on 8/6/15
Note: Posted by W1MG on behalf of VK3GLU:

I am an Aussie Ham who, a year ago, purchased a new Subaru XV. To my horror, after the purchase, I discovered the following caveat in the Owner's Manual - "do not install a radio transceiver in this vehicle".

I have unsuccessfully tried to get more information from Subaru about this for the past year. However, while browsing the ARRL Website, I noted a comment from Subaru America to ARRL that they "were aware that some Amateurs had successfully installed a transceiver in their Subaru."

If any ARRL or anyone else over there has a clue as to where the problem lies (and overcome it), they will become my best friend forever.

Thanks & 73 VK3GLU (aka SLEEPY)
Samsung Refrigerator Overload W5RAA on 9/3/15
You don't say, but it would be helpful to know the frequency at which you are operating, the type o ferrite you are using, and the number of turns that you used on each toroid. --Mike, W1MG
Smart Meter RFI on AM Broadcast Band WD4NGG on 24/9/14

I've not heard of this before. I am curious to know if you have been able to listen for it at locations away from your house. Dies it diminish if you listen a few hundred feet away from your home? How about a thousand feet? You could also try tripping the main beaker to your home just before it happens. Listen with a battery portable to see if it goes away. Please let me know what happens.

Thanks & 73,
Mike Gruber, W1MG
Broadband Widespread Interference paulhuffman on 31/7/14
Since BPL does not use the AM broadcast band, the source you describe would not be BPL. Based on your description of the noise, it would most likely be power line noise. Please see the Power Line Noise FAQ page for additional details on this type of problem. Here is the URL:

For a source of local help, your best bet would be to discuss with your ARRL Section Manager. See page 16 of any recent issue of QST for a complete list of Section Managers with contact info.
HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's) W4TL on 31/7/14
I can confirm that the troublesome RF susceptible breakers will no longer be manufactured by Eaton. They are now being phased out in favor of the new “Ham Friendly” breaker. After this transition, Eaton does not intend to manufacture both versions of their AFCI breaker.

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