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Ham Radio License Manual

Welcome to the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Support Page!

While studying the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, you may find that you need a bit more background to fully understand a topic. Maybe you'll just be curious and want to know more detail. Either way, the Ham Radio License Manual Web site is intended to act as your "study buddy" - known as an "Elmer" in ham radio. We recommend that you "bookmark" this site in your Web browser to make it as easy as possible to find timely help or launch an interesting browsing session. 2018_HRLM_Spiral_Edition_Cover_image.jpg

The new 4th edition has been updated for the latest changes in the FCC Technician exam question pool.  It will prepare you for the Technician license exam July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2022.

Use with ARRL’s online Exam Review for Ham Radio. As you complete each chapter of this book, use ARRL’s online Exam Review for Ham Radio to help prepare you for exam day. This web-based service uses the question pool to construct chapter-by-chapter reviews. Go to


Below you'll find additional study materials for the Ham Radio License Manual with updates, corrections and other supplemental information.

Supplemental Resources

  • Chapter 1

    You will learn enough to pass your Technician license exam and how to jump right in once you're ready to go on the air. Learn More

  • Chapter 2

    In this chapter, we dive into what makes a radio work - the "radio" and "signals." Learn More

  • Chapter 3

    You’ll learn about the basic electrical concepts that apply to everything from the household wall socket, to the latest radio or computer. Learn More

  • Chapter 4

    Experimenting with antennas has been a favorite of hams from the very beginning! Learn More

  • Chapter 5

    Start learning about real Ham Radio, where knobs and dials get turned, meters jump and signals crackle over the airwaves! Learn More

  • Chapter 6

    In this chapter we turn to operating - how are contacts made? We begin with the elements common to nearly every casual ham radio contact. Learn More

  • Chapters 7 & 8

    Ch. 7 deals with licensing regulations. Ch. 8 deals with rules about operating. Learn More

  • Chapter 9

    Observing good safety practices around your ham shack and antenna system is a must! Learn More