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Membership Levels

Membership Levels

Make the most of your ARRL membership -- Join for 3 years and save!

Dues rates as of January 1, 2016:



1 Year

2 Years

3 Years


Monthly QST via standard mail for US members




QST- First Class

Monthly QST via first class mail for US members




Canada + print QST

Monthly QST via standard mail for Canadian members




International + print QST

Monthly QST via standard mail for international members




International/Canada – no print QST

Digital QST only





No receipt of QST: requires a one-time signed and dated statement of Legal Blindness.





Must reside with primary member and have corresponding  membership dates; no extra copies of QST




Diamond Club    






Must be 21 years old or younger AND the oldest licensed Amateur in the household. Please call ARRL directly to join or renew under this level. 1-888-277-5289 (Toll-free US only) M-F 8am-5pm ET




ARRL Life Memberships
(download a life membership application now)
US                                                                    $1225
Canada                                                             $1550
International                                                      $1900
Canada / International-only Digital QST           $1225
Blind                                                                    $250
Family                                                                 $250

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Get even more benefits.  Join the ARRL Diamond Club.

Membership includes $21 per year for a subscription to QST.  Dues subject to change without notice and are nonrefundable.



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