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Net Manager

Net Manager (NM)

The SM may appoint one or more Net Managers, usually on recommendation of the Section Traffic Manager, for coordinating and supervising traffic handling activities in the section. The number of NMs appointed may depend on a section's geographical size, the number of nets operating in the section, or other factors having to do with the way the section is organized. In some cases, there may be only one net manager in charge of the one section net, or one NM for the phone net, one for the CW net. In larger or more traffic-active sections there may be several, including NMs for the VHF net or nets, for the RTTY net, or NTS local nets or packet nodes not controlled by Emergency Coordinators. All ARRL NMs should work under the STM in a coordinated section traffic plan.

Some nets cover more than one section, but operate in NTS at the section level. In this case, the Net Manager is selected by agreement among the STMs concerned and the NM appointment conferred on him by his resident SM. Some NMs are system operators of, or sysop recommended operators active on, participating NTS packet boards.


Novice class license or higher; Full ARRL membership.


  • NMs may conduct any testing of candidates for ORS appointment that they consider necessary before making appointment recommendations to the STM. Net Managers also have the function of requiring that all traffic handled through an NTS net or node be in proper ARRL form.

Recruitment of new hams and ARRL members is an integral part of the job of every ARRL appointee. Appointees should take advantage of every opportunity to recruit a new ham or member to foster growth of Field Organization programs, and our abilities to serve the public.



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