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Additional Diamond DXCC Tools and Reports Now Available


The Diamond DXCC Award, celebrating the 75th anniversary of DXCC, has proven to be popular around the world. Nearly 700 applications have been filed, with K3RA presently sitting atop the list with 200 of the 231 possible entities in the log. Some incredibly rare places have been on the air in 2012 so far, including Tibet and Socotra Island! 

Recently ARRL has been able to add some additional tools and reports to the Diamond DXCC system. An online form has been added that is similar to the Online DXCC application. The Diamond DXCC application works the same way, except it is tailored to work for just the Diamond DXCC entities.  Once you have set up an account for the Diamond DXCC, you can enter your QSOs into the form and it will remember them. If you have already started and used the Diamond DXCC Scorecard – the Excel spreadsheet, you can simply upload that spreadsheet into the online form.

The online form will keep count for you and will also allow you to make applications directly to ARRL HQ – no longer will you have to print out the spreadsheet or fill out paperwork! Additionally, HQ DXCC staff will be able to edit and change your online form data, so if you have 7O6T listed in Yemen, for example, staff can move that contact to the proper spot on the form: Socotra. When you come back to see your account you will be able to see the correction(s).

Another fun feature that has been added to the Diamond DXCC is a listing of operators who qualified for the basic award and how many entities they have credited! This online Diamond DXCC Standings listing is similar to the daily standings that are produced for VUCC and DXCC. The standings are updated at approximately 0200Z each day. When you go to the Standings listing, simply open the PDF file titled “US Letter,” which is used to denote that the formatting matches the size of paper typically used in the USA.

For more information, see the Diamond DXCC web pages. We have been adding new call signs to the list of Active Stations as they are reported and verified for some of the rarer entities. Please use these and the Entity List to help fill out your online form.



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