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Diamond DXCC


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    Read about Wrangel Island and DDXCC operation changes below.

  • Diamond DXCC and Wrangel Island


    Wrangel Island and other Diamond notes

    Wrangel Island has not been activated.  RI0K is not Wrangel Island.  Only stations on IOTA AS-027 count for Wrangel Island.

    For all of the entities in the Diamond DXCC award, the idea is to work a station in the original place, like Zanzibar Island (5H1).  The description in the tables show that Zanzibar Island is now included in the DXCC entity of Tanzania, but that doesn't mean that you can claim a 5H3 for Zanzibar  -- you still must work a Zanzibar Island station.  We are cleaning up some of these to make it clearer and using IOTA reference numbers where possible -- Zanzibar is AF-032.


    Other places that have been confusing:  Balochistan -- there has been no activity from Balochistan Province, Pakistan.  AP stations outside Balochistan count for DDXCC entity India.


    HD9IWH/8 is good for Galapagos, and 9N1II, HV0E, and ZD9KN are pirates. 


    There is an online Standings list now and an online form that will keep track of your award for you.  See .  Use the list of Active Stations to help you determine which of the tougher/more confusing entities you may have worked at

  • Diamond DXCC Operational Changes


    As the Diamond DXCC continues to gain in popularity in the 2nd half of 2012, we realize that some administrative items need to be changed to streamline the process and allow for reporting of standings totals that fall between endorsement levels.


    Regarding the online form for tracking Diamond DXCC QSOs and making applications, we will now allow users to submit an application for any number of new entities – not just when one reaches the endorsement levels of 125, 150, 175, or 200.  Allowing users to update standings more often, without charge, will save HQ time and expense in processing and shipping single endorsement stickers.  This change will also allow users to report their true entity total (if you have 173 entities there is now a way to register that number to the standings list without having to wait until you worked number 175) that will appear online.


    Participants still must purchase the Diamond DXCC certificate with the first submission, but after that there will be no more charges for endorsements.  We will raise the price of the certificate $1 to help cover the endorsement costs.  At the end of the Diamond DXCC Award year, sometime in February, 2013, we will send endorsement stickers in one mailing to everyone who qualified for them.


    We encourage everyone to use the online form if they can.  Paper applications will also follow the new guidelines above. 


    Thanks for participating in the Diamond DXCC Award program!  The 2nd half of 2012 promises many more opportunities to log some rare DX in celebration of the 75th anniversary of DXCC – the world’s premier DX award.

Recent Updates January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013 -

The period for working QSOs for the Diamond DXCC is now over.  Thanks to all for the great participation!  There were many highlights in DXing during 2012, including operations from Goa and Tibet, Socotra and Tristan, and at least 215 of the 231 entities.

We will accept applications for the award and endorsements throughout 2013.  In the end of January we will send all the final endorsement stickers to everyone on the list who earned them, and for whom we have not already included the stickers with the certificate.

Diamond DXCC

2012 was the 75th anniversary of the ARRL’s DXCC Award--the world’s preeminent DXing award continues to be DXCC, so reaching the “Diamond milestone” is an event that we all want to celebrate.  Going back to the roots of the award, and specifically reading the 1937 DXCC List (January, 1937 QST  pages 52-3), we can learn what countries were counted at the onset led us to create the Diamond DXCC Challenge. ...Full story

The intent of this 75th anniversary award is to capture the essence and spirit of the first DXCC List with a fun operating activity that allows us to look back and appreciate the wonderful geography of Amateur Radio.

  • DXCC History

    Read the 1935 QST article by Clinton B. DeSoto that laid the foundation for DXCC. Go Now

  • Rules of The Game

    ARRL Diamond DXCC Rules Go Now

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    Scorecards and Entity Lists. Go Now

  • Application and Record

    Use this application along with the DXCC scorecard to apply for your Diamond DXCC Challenge Award. Go Now

Thank You

Thanks to W3LPL, IK2UVR, YO3JW, JA1WWO, K8OM, SV2KBS, W1XG, K9JF, YB6LD, W1JR and W3UR for their assistance with this project.