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ARRL Foundation Awards 66 Scholarships in 2010


The ARRL Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the scholarship recipients for 2010. Each year, the Foundation’s Directors have the honor and privilege of selecting Amateur Radio operators who will receive monetary assistance to further their undergraduate or graduate education. For 2010, the Foundation awarded 65 annual scholarships to young Amateur Radio operators valued at $71,450, almost $17,000 more than awarded in 2009. Four new scholarships were added for 2010: The Ted, W4VHF, and Itice, W4LVV Goldthorpe Scholarship; The Magnolia DX Association Scholarship and The Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society Scholarship. A second scholarship for the Bill, W2ONV and Ann Salerno Memorial Scholarship was also added this year.

In addition, there are currently four holders of the William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship for whom the awards vary based on the college or university they attend, other awards they receive and other financial factors. For 2010, the Foundation’s Directors selected Kyle Ebersold, KB1MNN, of Holland, Massachusetts, as the recipient of this prestigious four year scholarship. The seventh Goldfarb Scholarship winner, Kyle continues the tradition of prior recipients, demonstrating superior academic performance, outstanding leadership and extraordinary Amateur Radio and community service. The Goldfarb Scholarship is the result of a generous endowment from the late William Goldfarb, N2ITP. Before his death in 1997, Goldfarb set up a scholarship endowment of close to $1 million in memory of his parents, Albert and Dorothy Goldfarb. Awarded to one high school senior each year, the Goldfarb Scholarship assists the recipient to receive a four-year undergraduate degree in engineering or science or in the medical or business-related fields. The terms of reference of the generous Goldfarb scholarship award require that recipients demonstrate financial need and significant involvement with Amateur Radio, in addition to high academic performance.

The application period for ARRL Foundation Scholarships opens October 1 each year and closes on February 1 the following year, with awards announced in May. Descriptions of all the available scholarships and selection criteria, as well as application instructions and forms can be found on the ARRL Foundation pages of the ARRL Web site. Beginning fall 2010, the application process for ARRL Foundation scholarships will “go green,” with application forms and transcripts accepted via electronic means only.

2009 ARRL Foundation Scholarship Recipients

The William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship
Kyle Ebersold, KB1MNN, Holland, Massachusetts

The Earl I. Anderson Scholarship -- $1250 each
David Hall, KC0WNP, Polk, Iowa
Kelly Kinkade, KD8LXM, Waterford, Michigan
Jeremy Schotter, KC9GIC, Corydon, Indiana

The Richard W. Bendickson, N7ZL, Memorial Scholarship -- $2000
Alex Brech, KC0YLD, Currie, Minnesota

The William Bennett, W7PHO, Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Alexander Lemke, AF6JF, Fallbrook, California

The Henry Broughton, K2AE, Memorial Scholarship -- $1000 each
Daniel Bradke, W2AU, Niskayuna, New York
Alexander Haley, KC2RDK, Stephentown, New York
Mark McCurry, KC2UDS, Athens, New York

The Mary Lou Brown Scholarship -- $ 2500
Sabra Perry, KD7JPR, Sweet Home, Oregon

The Central Arizona DX Association Scholarship -- $1000
Elijah Brown, AD7ZJ, of Kingman, Arizona

The L.B. Cebik, W4RNL, and Jean Cebik, N4TZP, Memorial Scholarship -- $1000
Greta Steinbruner, KI6NTL, Aptos, California

The Challenge Met Scholarship -- $500 each
Carl Koehler, N3YFG, Avoca, New York
Sean Morgan, K4ZF, Atlanta, Georgia

The Chicago FM Club Scholarship -- $500
Lloyd Lindberg, KC9FZY, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The Tom and Judith Comstock Scholarship -- $2000
Tyler Nicholas, K5TDN, Stillwater, Oklahoma

The Irving W. Cook, WA0CGS, Scholarship -- $1000
Reid Crowe, N0RC, Lawrence, Kansas

The Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship -- $1000
Morgan Massey, KI4OIG, Sheffield, Alabama

The Dayton Amateur Radio Association Scholarships -- $1000 each
Chelsey Bruce, KC8YSS, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Elizabeth Garbee, KC0OTR, Black Forest, Colorado
Kathryn Ankenbauer, KD8AHA, Portage, Michigan
James Schwoebel, KJ4PLS, Newnan, Georgia

The New England FEMARA Scholarships -- $1000 each
Angela Capolupo, KB1NZV, of Torrington, Connecticut
Lydia Kouletsis, KB1MUM, of Oakland, Maine
Samuel Turner, KB1PHP, of Brunswick, Maine
Joseph O’Kane, KB1NJD, of Ellsworth, Maine

The Charles N. Fisher Memorial Scholarship -- $1000
Stephen Simpson, KC8IOY, Ocala, Florida

The ARRL Foundation General Fund Scholarships -- $2000
David Strachan-Olson, KI6UXJ, Long Beach, California
Catherine Qualls, KC9RHO, Bloomington, Indiana

The Ted, W4VHF, and Itice, K4LVV Goldthorpe Scholarship -- $500
Zachary Schrempp, KM7I, Bothell, Washington

The ARRL Scholarship to Honor Barry Goldwater -- $5000
Stephanie Klimczak, KD0BFH, Creve Coeur, Missouri

The Paul and Helen L. Grauer Scholarship -- $1000
Sheldon Torlina, KD0JTT, St. Charles, Missouri

The K2TEO Martin J. Green, Sr Memorial Scholarship -- $1000
Lauren Rice, KC2LR, of Syracuse, New York

The Gwinnett Amateur Radio Society Scholarship -- $500
Donald Lovell, KJ4RKI, Silver Creek, Georgia

The Joseph P. Rubino, WA4MMD, IRARC Memorial Scholarship -- $750 each
Michael Bifalco II, KJ4IFM, Sarasota, Florida
Simeng Zhu, KJ4KTI, Sarasota, Florida

The Dr James L. Lawson Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Kyle Clever, KC2RQO, Delevan, New York

The Louisiana Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Lindsay Westerfield, KD5UVL of Bossier City LA

The Magnolia DX Association Scholarship -- $500
Steven Mooney, K5STM, Petal, Mississippi

The Fred R. McDaniel Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Logan Holden, KE5GZN, Guthrie, Oklahoma

The Edmond A. Metzger Scholarship -- $500
Anna Keller, KC9GDD, Pleasant Lake, Indiana

The Mississippi Scholarship -- $500
Timothy Jones Jr, KE5ZNS, Starkville, Mississippi

The Scholarship of the Morris Radio Club of New Jersey -- $1000
Lindsay Meyer, KG6ELV, Soquel, California

The Northern California DX Foundation Scholarships -- $1000 each
Joseph Lipa, N8OY, Saline, Michigan
Nicholas Bauer, KC9GZY, Bloomington, Indiana

The Ray, N0RP, & Katie, W0KTE, Pautz Scholarship -- $1000
Robert Preston, KC0YDZ, Kansas City, Missouri

The Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club Scholarship -- $500
John Hays, KC9LVZ, Hopewell, Illinois

The PHD Scholarship -- $1000
Rebecca Rich, KB0VVT, Raytown, Missouri

The Thomas W. Porter, W8KYZ, Scholarship Honoring Michael Daugherty, W8LSE -- $1000
Richard Elrod, KB3LLM, Barberton, Ohio

The Don Riebhoff Memorial Scholarship -- $1000
Samantha Young, KC9ENB, Sidney, Ohio

The Bill, W2ONV, and Ann Salerno Memorial Scholarship -- $1000
Jacob Wagner, KD8CDC, Rocky River, Ohio

The Eugene “Gene” Sallee, W4YFR, Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Sean Morgan, K4ZF, Atlanta, Georgia

The Six Meter Club of Chicago Scholarship -- $500
Jessica Amundsen, KC9OJK, Rolling Meadows, Illinois

The Zachary Taylor Stevens Scholarship -- $750
Thomas Fielitz, KC8YAK, Smiths Creek, Michigan

The Carole J. Streeter, KB9JBR, Scholarship -- $750
Daniel Hechavarria, KB1TME, Boston, Massachusetts

The Norman E. Strohmeier, W2VRS, Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Stephanie Bauer, KC2VVZ, Baldwinsville, New York

The You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania Scholarship -- $2000 each
Robert Hoops, W3EGL, Watsontown, Pennsylvania
Nathaniel Hachten, KB3RZO, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

The Gary Wagner, K3OMI, Scholarship -- $1000
Allison Gropper, KI4WZZ, Vienna, Virginia

The Francis Walton Memorial Scholarship -- $500
Jordan Hoover, KC9PXM, Chesterton, Indiana

The L. Phil and Alice J. Wicker Scholarship -- $1000
William Fisher, W4WJF, Raleigh, North Carolina

The YASME Foundation Scholarships -- $2000
Lile Squires, KE7YIA, Veradale, Washington

Eric Wilson, AD7JL, Mount Vernon, Washington
Justin Miller, KE7GTS, Snohomish, Washington

The Yankee Clipper Contest Club Youth Scholarship -- $1200
Robert Giuliani, K1RJG, Shelton, Connecticut

The ARRL Foundation administers scholarships for post secondary education students holding a valid FCC-granted Amateur Radio license. Scholarship awards range from $500 to $5000 or more and are available to high school seniors (or equivalent), or students currently enrolled in a college or university. Scholarships are funded by generous individuals and Amateur Radio organizations to encourage radio amateurs to pursue their educational goals. All ARRL Foundation-administered scholarships are intended exclusively for educational use, to provide assistance with costs of tuition, room, board, books and/or other fees essential to the education of the recipient.



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