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    11/05/2013 | Advice to Avoid DXpedition Confusion

    An experienced DXer and DXpeditioner offers some hints on avoiding confusion when working the many DXpeditions on the air this month.
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    09/19/2013 | QSL via Bureau? Check First!

    Before sending DX cards via the bureau, check to see if the DX station wants them.
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    10/01/2010 | PJ Pandemonium -- Opening October 10 on an HF Band Near You

    Up to 5 new DXCC entities will come into existence October 10, 2010
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    04/27/2010 | Youth@HamRadio.Fun: A Young DXer

    Twelve-year-old Jonas Carden, KD0DJH, submitted this write-up concerning his first experiences with Amateur Radio and the wonderful world of DX. The excitement of hearing signals from around the world is one alive and well with all generations.
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  • 05/22/2008 | New Version of DX Summit Goes Live May 23

    Since 1998, OH2AQ DX Summit, the Web-based spotting network portal, has been a tool for DX hunting and spotting. Ten years after its inception and introduction to Amateur Radio operators in search of that rare DX station once only dreamed about,
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