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  • Solar Disc

    06/03/2016 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Relatively stable conditions ahead
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  • Solar Flare

    06/13/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Despite forecasted declines, solar activity is up this week.
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  • solar flare

    04/11/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Quieter conditions ahead
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  • solar flare

    03/07/2014 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The second peak of Solar Cycle 24 continues
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  • latest010413.jpg

    01/04/2013 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The New Year brings dreams of solar cycles of old, so distant now, sweetly remembered for their profusion of sunspots. We hear many times from operators who became licensed as teenagers at the peak of Solar Cycle 19, in the late 1950s, when a few watts an
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  • latest121412.jpg

    12/14/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    The average daily sunspot numbers fell 13.5 points this week, from 61.1 to 47.6, while the average daily solar flux was about the same this week as last, rising 1.1 points to 102.7.
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  • latest110812

    11/09/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Solar activity retreated again this week, with the average daily sunspot numbers declining 8.7 points to 49.7, while the average daily solar flux was down nearly 20 points to 97.2.
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  • latest100412

    10/05/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit the Earth on September 30, triggering a jump in geomagnetic indices. The planetary A index on October 1 was 31, and the K index jumped to 7, making aurora visible across the northern tier of the United States.
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