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  • 10/29/2008 | Ohio Hams Discover, Fix "Ditters" on 40 Meters

    Silent since the summer of 2000, "ditters" have been heard once again on 40 meters by hams in North Carolina . According to ARRL Field and Regulatory Correspondent Chuck Skolaut, K0BOG, hams in that state contacted him on October 22 complaining
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  • 10/25/2008 | Next Round of PAVE PAWS Mitigation Contacts Begins

    On Wednesday, October 22, the FCC notified the ARRL that they would immediately begin making direct contact with owners or trustees of approximately 40 repeaters. The US Air Force identified these repeaters earlier this year as contributors to the harmful
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  • 10/10/2008 | Spectrum Defense: "More Work to Do"

    Defending and enhancing access to the Amateur Radio spectrum is the primary mission of the ARRL. According to ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ, the League has not only protected the bands, but has also added several new ones, despite expone
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  • 09/25/2008 | FCC Assigns Contested Vanity Call Sign to Wisconsin Amateur Radio Club

    In an Order on Reconsideration and Order Proposing Modification released on Wednesday, September 24, the FCC decided that Falls Amateur Radio Club (FARC) was the rightful recipient of call sign W9CQ. FARC and the QRQ CW and Contest Group (QRQ) ha
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  • 08/26/2008 | FCC Vanity Call Sign Fees to Increase September 25

    On August 11, the FCC announced that the cost of an Amateur Radio vanity call sign will increase 60 cents, from $11.70 to $12.30. Now that notice of the increase has been published in the Federal Register, the increase will take effect in 30 days
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  • PAVE is an Air Force code word. PAWS is an acronym for Phased Array Warning System. Unlike older mechanical radars, PAVE PAWS is steered electronically, allowing for greatly increased speed an accuracy. The primary mission of this system was to detect the launch of Soviet missiles from submarines. PAVE PAWS radars are currently located at Beale Air Force Base, California and Cape Cod Air Station, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts. The radar pictured here is in El Dorado, Texas; it was built in the mid-1980s and was shut down in 1995.

    08/21/2008 | ARRL Responds to Concerns Raised by California Repeater Owners Affected by PAVE PAWS

    Earlier this week, the ARRL responded to a series of concerns raised by repeaters owners regarding the ongoing PAVE PAWS interference mitigation project at Beale Air Force Base near Sacramento, California. In a lengthy e-mail dated August 20, ARRL Regulat
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    08/13/2008 | Amateur Station at Smithsonian Going QRT after 32 Years

    After more than 30 years on the air from the nation's capital, the Amateur Radio station at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History, NN3SI, will become silent on Thursday, July 31. Originally located in the Nations of Nations exh
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  • 08/11/2008 | FCC to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fees

    On August 11, the FCC announced that the cost of an Amateur Radio vanity call sign will increase 60 cents, from $11.70 to $12.30. The fee will increase 30 days after notice of the increase is published in the Federal Register; no date has yet bee
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