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  • GruberSmith

    03/11/2009 | FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith Visits ARRL

    FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith visited ARRL Headquarters on March 5 and 6, her first official visit as Special Counsel. Smith was named to the position earlier this year, filling the vacancy created when Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, retired in 2008;
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  • 03/04/2009 | FCC Has Done "Literally Nothing" to Comply with Court Ruling

    On February 25 -- 10 months to the day that the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit released its decision on the ARRL's Petition for Review of the FCC's Orders adopting rules governing broadband over power line (BPL) systems -- ARRL G
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  • 02/26/2009 | FCC Revokes License of Indiana Ham

    On February 25, the Federal Communications Commission revoked the license of Lonnie L. Keeney, KB9RFO, of Greencastle Indiana. According to th
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  • 02/18/2009 | Hams Can Still Help with Digital TV (DTV) Conversion

    Even though the mandatory conversion date for television stations to switch from analog signals to digital has been delayed by four months, hams are still assisting the FCC and their communities by providing technical support to those who need assistance.
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  • Copps

    01/23/2009 | Michael J. Copps Named Acting FCC Chairman

    On Thursday, January 22, President Barack Obama named current FCC Commissioner Michael Copps as Acting Chairman of the Commission. Last week, sources close to the President mentioned Julius Genachowski would be nominated as Chairman. Copps will serve as A
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  • 01/19/2009 | FCC Reports Decline in BPL Customers

    On January 16, 2009, the Federal Communications Commission released data, as of December 31, 2007, on the services used for high-speed Internet access in the United States. According to the data collected by the FCC, as of that date there were 121.2 milli
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  • WD2XSH_Map

    01/13/2009 | ARRL 500 kHz Experiment Shows Increased Activity

    In the 500 kHz Experiment quarterly report for the period ending November 2008, Experiment Coordinator Fritz Raab, W1FR, reported that 21 participating stations are currently active since the experiment began in late 2006. The FCC's Office of Engineering
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  • KevinMartin

    12/12/2008 | Congressional Committee Members Release Report Lambasting FCC Chairman Kevin Martin

    On Tuesday, December 9, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce -- the congressional committee that oversees the Federal Communications Commission -- released its majority staff report "on the bipartisan investigation of the FCC's regulatory proce
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