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    08/01/2012 | ARRL in Action: What Have We Been Up to Lately?

    This feature -- including convenient Web links to useful information -- is a concise monthly update of some of the things ARRL is doing on behalf of its members. This installment covers the month of July.
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    07/25/2012 | Vic Poor, W5SMM, Receives ARRL President’s Award

    Victor Poor, W5SMM, of Melbourne, Florida was awarded the ARRL President’s Award at July 9 meeting of the Platinum Coast Amateur Radio Society (PCARS). There have been only a handful of recipients of this prestigious award.
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    07/24/2012 | ARRL Board of Directors Names Award Recipients at 2012 Second Meeting

    The ARRL Board of Directors named four ARRL award recipients at their 2012 Second Meeting, held July 20-21 in Windsor, Connecticut. In addition, the Board named Former ARRL West Gulf Division Director Thomas W. Comstock, N5TC, as ARRL Director Emeritus.
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    07/02/2012 | ARRL Launches Logbook of the World/WPX Award Integration

    The wait is over! After weeks of beta testing, the ARRL launched the integration of Logbook of The World (LoTW) -- its electronic confirmation system -- with CQ Magazine’s Worked All Prefixes (WPX) Award on Monday, July 2. The WPX Award is the first of th
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    05/14/2012 | Nominations Invited for 2012 Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award

    The ARRL is now accepting nominations for the 2012 Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award. This annual honor goes to a radio amateur who has demonstrated success in Amateur Radio public relations and best exemplifies volunteer spirit of the award's
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    04/25/2012 | WPX Awards via LoTW Enters Beta Testing

    Earlier this year, the ARRL and CQ Communications announced that the ARRL will provide support for CQ-sponsored operating awards by the ARRL’s Logbook of the World (LoTW) electronic confirmation system. The WPX Award is the first of the CQ-sponsored award
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    04/03/2012 | W1AW Claims 5BDXCC

    Nearly four decades after the introduction of the Five Band DXCC Award (5BDXCC), W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Station has achieved this milestone. “As with most stations, we found that 80 meters was our stumbling block,” W1AW Station Manager Joe Carcia, NJ
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    03/15/2012 | ARRL Announces New DXCC Fee Structure

    The DX Century Club (DXCC) is the premier Amateur Radio operating award. Available to hams around the world, tens of thousands of awards have been issued since 1945 under the modern award program. In 2012, the DXCC program is not only still thriving, but
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