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  • QST_1110.JPG

    12/01/2010 | Joe Taylor, K1JT, and Bruce Walker, W1BW, Win November QST Cover Plaque Award

    The winners of the QST Cover Plaque Award for November are Joe Taylor, K1JT, and Bruce Walker, W1BW, for their article “WSPRing Around the World.” Congratulations Joe and Bruce! The QST Cover Plaque award -- given to the author or authors of the best arti
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  • AE4CW_Kicking_off_HamJam 2010.JPG

    11/22/2010 | “Coming Home” to HamJam 2010

    On November 13, Georgia hams and others enjoyed HamJam 2010. According to HamJam organizer Mack McCormick, WB4MAK, the event’s goal is to encourage members of all regional clubs to come together for a day of learning and fellowship. Members of more than 1
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  • arecibo

    04/07/2010 | Moonbounce for Everyone -- Courtesy of the Arecibo Radio Telescope!

    Sending Amateur Radio signals to the Moon and back has never been easy. After roundtrip journeys of nearly half a million miles, even the most powerful signals generated by hams are exquisitely weak on arrival. Because of the equipment and expertise neces
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  • GeorgeSmith

    11/06/2009 | George E. Smith, AA2EJ, Wins Nobel Prize

    Around 5:30 on the morning of October 6, George E. Smith, AA2EJ, of Barnegat, New Jersey, got a phone call that changed his life: He had just found out he had won the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2009 "for the invention of an imaging semiconductor circ
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  • WSJT

    08/05/2009 | Prepare for the Perseids!

    On the night of August 11 and well into the next day, Earth will make its annual passage through the bulk of the debris shed by a comet known as Swift-Tuttle. Much of the debris is composed of dust-sized grains, but when these fragments come plunging into
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  • 02/26/2009 | WSJT Monthly Sprints to Begin this Weekend

    The first monthly WSJT Sprint contest will be held this Saturday, February 28 between 4 AM and noon (local time).WSJT is a popular software suite created by Joe Tayl
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