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    09/12/2013 | Get on the Air for the ARRL September VHF Contest!

    The ARRL September VHF Contest is this weekend!
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  • Colvin Award

    07/10/2013 | ARRL Announces Colvin Awards to DXpeditions

    Grants awarded to three upcoming DXpeditions.
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  • Field Day 2013

    06/21/2013 | Only One FM Satellite Available During Field Day

    Only One FM Satellite Available During Field Day
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  • latest041113

    04/12/2013 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Both the average daily sunspot numbers and the solar flux were up this week, with the sunspot numbers rising nearly 57 points to 138.1, and the average daily solar flux up more than 25 points to 138.8. Paired with the average daily planetary A index dropp
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  • Expedition33ISS.jpg

    11/20/2012 | Three Hams Return to Earth from ISS

    Shortly before 9 PM EST on Sunday, November 18 (0200 UTC Monday, November 19), a Soyuz spacecraft carrying Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams, KD5PLB, and Flight Engineers Yuri Malenchenko, RK3DUP, and Aki Hoshide, KE5DNI, landed in the steppes of Kaza
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  • latest062812

    06/29/2012 | The K7RA Solar Update

    Sunspot activity continued to drop until early this week: The average daily sunspot numbers were 26.3, down more than 58 points from last week’s numbers, while the average daily solar flux declined to 92.8, down over 33 points from last week’s average.
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