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States, Counties, Communities Recognize the Value of Amateur Radio


Several states, counties and municipalities have issued proclamations recognizing the value of Amateur Radio to the greater community. Such proclamations often tie in with ARRL Field Day, which is June 28-29. 

  • In New Hampshire, Gov Maggie Hassan has proclaimed June as Amateur Radio Month in the Granite State. In her proclamation, the governor highlighted ham radio’s value as “an organized, volunteer communications public service asset” and noted that the New Hampshire Section has a Memorandum of Understanding with New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The governor pointed out Amateur Radio’s role during and in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing and following Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Gov Hassan cited ARRL Field Day as “a 24-hour emergency preparedness exercise and demonstration of the radio amateurs’ skills and readiness to provide self-supporting communications without further infrastructure being required.” New Hampshire Section Manager Peter Stohrer, K1PJS, was on hand as the governor read the proclamation on June 3.
  • In Pennsylvania, Gov Tom Corbett also declared June as Amateur Radio Month. “Since wireless radio’s earliest days,” Gov Corbett said, these men and women have worked diligently to provide vital supplemental communication to their communities during times of emergencies and natural disasters, and at public events.” Gov Corbett commented his state’s radio amateurs’ “time, talents, and efforts” and wished Amateur Radio “continued success in the future.”
  • Alabama Gov Robert Bentley called on his fellow citizens to honor Amateur Radio operators as “selfless ambassadors of goodwill” in declaring June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week in that state. Bentley noted that Alabama’s more than 28,000 hams “repeatedly demonstrate their immense value to the citizens by providing emergency communication during natural disasters and other non-weather related calamities.”
  • Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal declared June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week in his state. Gov Jindal noted that Amateur Radio operators “donate their services” and “are on alert for any emergency, local, national, or international, and practice their communication skills” on Field Day.
  • In Tennessee, ARRL Section Manager Keith Miller Sr, N9DGK, presented an ARRL Centennial Coin to Gov Bill Haslam, who declared June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week.
  • In Minnesota, Gov Mark Dayton has proclaimed June 28-29 as Amateur Radio Operator Recognition Days. Gov Dayton said Amateur Radio operators have provided communication resources during times of emergency and at public service events, and he cited Amateur Radio’s role in storm spotting through SKYWARN. He noted that Amateur Radio clubs in Minnesota offer classes to teach about Amateur Radio operation, “enhancing students’ interest in science, geography, and physics,” and provide an opportunity for students to become licensees.
  • In Iowa, Gov Terry Branstad cited ARRL Field Day in declaring June 23-29, 2014 as Amateur Radio Week, to celebrate the efforts of radio amateurs across the state and around the nation. The governor said the state “recognizes the services Amateur Radio operators provide to our many emergency response organizations, including FEMA, DHS, and Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management.” He said hams have demonstrated their value by supporting communications during emergencies and disasters and in providing communication for public service events. Gov Branstad also recognized the work of SKYWARN volunteers.
  • In South Carolina Gov Nikki Haley in a proclamation cited Amateur Radio’s role “as an integral part of emergency preparedness and public safety,” noting that hams “demonstrate their value…by providing emergency radio communications during natural disasters and other non-weather related catastrophes,” and also promote international goodwill. She declared June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week in South Carolina and pointed to Field Day on June 28-29 as an emergency preparedness exercise. Gov Haley called on South Carolinians to “recognize Amateur Radio operators for their many contributions.”
  • In Michigan, the Michigan Senate adopted a resolution designating June 23-29 as Amateur Radio week.
  • Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant declared June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week, in honor of that state’s more than 4000 radio amateurs. Bryant cited ARRL Field Day as an opportunity for hams to “practice their communication skills and test their preparedness” in the event of an emergency. Gov Bryant said hams have “demonstrated their invaluable public assistance by providing emergency radio communications.”
  • In a slightly different twist, Massachusetts Gov Deval Patrick proclaimed June 13 as Amateur Radio Day, while the Massachusetts Senate resolved to “join in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the American Radio Relay League.” Gov Patrick’s proclamation said, “Amateur radio operators are constantly vigilant in case of tornado, flood, hurricane, or other local emergency, in order that they may use their equipment and skills to assist local and state officials.” He also cited Amateur Radio operators’ “generous donation of time, equipment and knowledge to provide communication support and technical training.”
  • The Missouri House of Representatives adopted a resolution to “applaud the history, goals and accomplishments” associated with ARRL’s Missouri Section. The resolution pointed out that ham radio has been recognized “as an invaluable resource by national relief organizations and by the United States Department of Homeland Security.” It also mentioned Amateur Radio’s role in providing communication and storm-spotting functions during severe weather events and in volunteering their communication assistance at public events.
  • The City of Ashburn, Georgia, declared June 28-29 as Amateur Radio Week in that community. The Ashburn proclamation recognized that Amateur Radio is celebrating more than a century “of the miracle of the human voice broadcast over the airwaves” and Amateur Radio’s role in providing “a bridge between peoples, societies, and countries.” The city also pointed to ham radio’s role in providing emergency communication and storm-spotting service.
  • In Polk County, Iowa, radio amateurs were presented with the Iowa Governor’s Volunteer Award by Lt Gov Kim Reynolds. Hams “give back to their community by providing communications support to these events and agencies at no cost as part of the Polk County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES),” a news release said. The Polk County Emergency Management Agency nominated Polk County ARES for the recognition, noting that the two organizations “have a long-standing relationship, working together to train and prepare to assist in the event of a disaster, if main communications systems fail.”
  • The Mayor of Olive Branch, Mississippi — the Honorable Scott Phillips — declared June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week in that community. Members of the Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club were on hand earlier this month as Phillips read the proclamation. The Olive Branch Amateur Radio Club is a regular Field Day participant, and will operate from the City Park pavilion.
  • In Jackson, Georgia, Mayor Kay Pippin, proclaimed June 23-29 as Amateur Radio Week in a ceremony with Butts County ARES Emergency Coordinator Buzz Kutcher, K3GWK and fellow radio amateur Whit Smith, WA4VBX, attending, along with members of the Jackson City Council.





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