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                       DALE BAGLEY, K0KY MO SM


         The 2014 Missouri QSO Party was held April 5th and 6th and from the prospective of someone that participated, it was a great success. Thanks to the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society for their sponsorship of the QSO Party and to Randy Wing, N0LD, who lead the effort to make significant changes in the rules.  There were lots of Hams participating in this year’s event both in Missouri and in the world.  I spent most of my time on 40 meters SSB, but there was lots of CW operations and activation of several other bands.   I’ll pass on some additional information about the MO QSO PARTY when I get some hard data.


        I have been reading the comments on Larry’s List, getting reports from Missouri Amateur Radio Clubs, getting the Midwest Division Newsletter, and every week I hear from a large number of amateurs via e-mail. All that input has made me realize that we are in one of the most active periods of Amateur in years.  The Volunteer Exam Programs are running at high speed, the ARISS program is going strong in the Midwest, Amateurs are becoming more proficient within the ARES program and Amateur Radio Clubs are becoming more active and fun to attend.   My bottom line is that we are all very lucky to be active Amateur Radio operators at this time. We need to volunteer some time as a mentor the new Hams so they can become part of the fun and the future of Amateur Radio.


                             APRIL 2014 HAMFESTS


           The Ozark Amateur Radio Society hamfest was held on April 12, at the Pate Early Childhood Development Center.  Mike Sanders, K0AZ, and the OARS members did a great job again this year.  All of the tables were sold and they had to go get two more.  Associated Radio did a great job providing the latest in Amateur Radio gear for those attending the Hamfest to buy and check-out.  In addition there was a Volunteer License Exam session and Cecil Higgins AC0HA, the District Emergency Coordinator met with the Emergency Coordinators in the SW Missouri area.


         The Ararat Shrine Hambash, one of the largest Hamfest in the Kansas City Area, will be on April 19th at the Ararat Shrine Temple located at 5100 Ararat Drive in Kansas City, MO 64101.  There are always some great forums, V.E. Testing, a large diverse Flea Market and several top of the line Commercial Vendors at this Hamfest.


David Hinkley, KA0SOG, is the contact person.  If you need a table, tickets or other information, you can phone David at 816-525-4826 or e-mail him at .  For more information, check out the Hambash website


                                 MAY HAMFESTS


          The Bates County Amateur Radio Club will be holding their 2014 Hamfest on May 3rd in Butler, MO.  The Hamfest will be at the old Walmart located at 110 S Business Highway 71 near the Wilson Tire Company in that complex. For more information, you can use the website www, or call Dennis Jacobs NX0IA at 660-424-0620.  The BCARC folks always have a fun Hamfest and they hope you can attend.




            Cliff Rozan, KC0SDV, reports that the St. Louis Suburban Radio Club was very honored to have as it's guests at their March meeting, Cliff Ahrens K0CA, ARRL Midwest Division Director and his guests, ARRL President Kay Craigie N3KN, CEO Dave Sumner K1ZZ, Second Vice President Jim Fenstermaker K9JF, and International Affairs Vice President Jay Bellows K0QB.  The meeting was standing room only...with about 120 members and guest present to hear the presentation by members of the ARRL Executive Committee. The SLSRC expressed their thanks to everyone who attended and gave the guests a warm welcome from St. Louis hams.  Photos of the meeting were taken by Mike Kennedy W0PX and you can check them out at


            As reported in the ARRL News on March 17th, the students at the Rock Bridge Elementary School were given the opportunity to talk to an Astronaut on the International Space Station thanks to the efforts of the Central Missouri Radio Association and the help of Myron Kern, W0ZH, and Justin Yesis, KL0VU, who had been preparing for the event over the previous 6 months and provided the radio gear, rotators, antennas, mounting equipment, computers, and tracking software. Former NASA astronaut Linda Godwin, N5RAX, was on hand in Columbia, Missouri to talk to the students. Many of the students had the chance to speak with NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins, KF5LJG, aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The Amateur Radio on the International Space Station ARISS program sponsored the contact. Hopkins, a native of Missouri who returned to Earth on March 10, was at the helm of NA1SS on the space station. The students understood that the ISS would be in range for less than 10 minutes, said the CMRA’s Bill McFarland, N0AXZ, who played “the astronaut” during a pre-contact practice session. Helping with the contact was club members Don Moore, KM0R, who loaned his call sign to the enterprise and served as control operator.


          The Hannibal ARC is planning to operate Field Day at the EOC in the Marion County Health Department building. To facilitate the operation the Marion County Health Department has gotten a power pole donated for a tower, and the Hannibal Board of Public Works will set the pole when the weather is good. The pole will have their vertical antenna, 2meter antenna and the G5RV attached to it. The members were informed that as a class “F” (EOC) station, we can still have a GOTA station, and we can have the emergency power tested, but do not have to run radios off it





                         JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.                                                  


Total  # ARES Members                 1322


Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       240


Number of Ham Hours                 1977.47


Number of Public Service Events    18 


Number of Ham Hours                    181


Number of Emergency Operations   12 


Number of Ham hours Emer. Op. 179 


Total ARES Operations this month 270


Total Ham Hours                          2337.47


9 out of 9 districts reporting


            For the latest updates in appointments and ARES activities please go to the Missouri ARES website.


                   SECTION TRAFFIC REPORTS MARCH 2014


                         LARRY WILSON, K0RWL STM


MO SECTION NET (MON) Sessions 31 QNI 89  QTC 32  Net Mgr.  K9ZTV


MO TRAFFIC NET  Sessions 31 QNI 1291 QTC 134 Net Mgr. K0RWL


MESN  Sessions  6  QNI 277 QTC 2  Net Mgr.  K0VET


Lebanon ARES  Sessions 4  QNI 23  QTC 0  Net Mgr. KD0PLS


Callaway Co CARL Sessions 4  QNI 57  QTC 4  Net Mgr. KC0LYA


Boone Co CMRA  Sessions  4 QNI 54 QTC 2  Net Mgr.  KC0WGB


Current River ARC  Sessions 4  QNI 21  QTC 0 Net Mgr.  KN0D


TLARC  Sessions 1   QNI 2 QTC 828 Net Mgr. KB0OFD


Clinton Co.  Sessions 3  QNI 22   QTC 0  Net Mgr. KC0QLU


Jackson County Sessions  7 QNI 118 QTC 1  Net Mgr. K0UAA


Macon Cnty ARES  Sessions  4   QNI 48  QTC 1 Net Mgr. K0KY


Rolla RRARS  Sessions 31   QNI 367  QTC 1  Net Mgr. N6RHQ


WAARCI  Sessions 5 QNI 156 QTC  1  Net Mgr. KB0HV


Texas Co  Sessions 31  QNI 417 QTC 24 Net Mgr. N0TPE


St. Francois Co ARES Sessions 5  QNI 54  QTC 0  Net Mgr. AI0U


Mid-MO ARC Sessions  6 QNI 139   QTC  0 Net Mgr.  WW0G


KC ARES Digital Sessions 9  QNI 75  QTC 17 Net Mgr.  K0KEX


Franklin Co ARES  Sessions 7   QNI 76  QTC 3  Net Mgr. WA0ZUG


Northland ARES Sessions 4 QNI 70  QTC 5 Net Mgr. K0KEX


Tri-County  ARC Sessions 4  QNI 25  QTC  0  Net Mgr.  N0AUY


District A ARES Sessions  1  QNI 33  QTC 1  Net Mgr. N4RZB


District E ARES  Sessions 9  QNI 55   QTC 0 Net Mgr. N0RIC


Hannibal ARES Sessions 5 QNI 159 QTC 3  Net Mgr. KD0HHN


Totals      Sessions 241    QNI 3749    QTC 1147


10th Region Participation SSB 100%  KC0M, KB0OFD,


                                                                         Net Mgr. K0VTT





Missouri Officials

  • Dale Bagley

    Section Manager

    Dale C. Bagley K0KY

  • Norman Lampton

    State Government Liaison

    Norman W. Lampton KC0FNA

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  • H Haye

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    H Keith Haye WE0G

  • Larry Ballew

    Assistant Section Manager

    Larry D. Ballew AB0HP

  • Jeffrey Young

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Jeffrey L. Young KB3HF

  • Larry Wilson

    Section Traffic Manager

    Larry G. Wilson K0RWL

  • Mark Biernacki

    Official Observer Coordinator

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    Technical Coordinator

    Wayland N. Mc Kenzie K4CHS

  • Dennis Mc Carthy

    Public Info Coordinator

    Dennis J. Mc Carthy AA0A

  • Curtis Roach

    Assistant Section Manager

    Curtis J. Roach WB4NMG