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                                             OCTOBER 2017

                                     MISSOURI SECTION NEWS

                                          Cecil Higgins, AC0HA

          Perhaps you were like me and surprised that we were not hearing any news about the Amateur Radio Operators in Puerto Rico assisting with the relief effort following Hurricane Irma and Mega Hurricane Maria hitting the U.S. Island Territory. The double whammy was devastating and essentially eliminated all cellular phone communications on the island and ripped the land line infrastructure out by the roots.  I could not imagine that all those operators I talked to over the years just sitting around and not helping out when this disaster struck. Fortunately, I recently learned from the ARRL Website that those Hams, who have lost so much, immediately took action and began helping out.  About two dozen amateur radio operators on the island helped police and first responders communicate when their radio networks failed completely. Some of the radio operators, or hams traveled on trucks to provide communications to the power company, PREPA.   On September 28, 2017 Suzanne Gamboa, a reporter for NBC News, began to get the word out about the Amateur Radio emergency communications efforts of the Puerto Rico Amateur Radio operators  and the assistance provided by the ARRL toward that effort.  I believe that the Amateur Radio Response in Puerto Rico is typical of the selfless nature of the Amateur Radio and ARES operators when emergencies and disaster strikes our nation. I have included a small section of the article below for readers to get a feel for the Amateur Radio and ARRL effort.

           “ “It’s a less than ideal solution, but it works and that’s the essence of amateur radio – make it work,” said Tom Gallagher, CEO of the American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio. Now the ranks of operator are about to get reinforcements.

At the request of the Red Cross, the ARRL plans to send 50 radio operators into Puerto Rico with “enormous” radio gear in water proof containers, their own power supplies, new generators and solar arrays. The crew and equipment were to leave Thursday from Atlanta.

Their job, once set up and in place, will be to be the communication pipeline for the Red Cross Safe and Well program, helping people on the mainland trying to connect with loved ones on the island or get news of their status.” If you would like to read the entire article, go to the link: .

Larry’s List included two additional links.  From Joe Krout, W0PWJ








                                     OCTOBER HAMFEST 2017

           The SouthSide Amateur Radio Club Hamfest will be held October 21, 2017 at the Mill Creek Upper Elementary School 308 South Cleveland Avenue Belton, MO 64012.  For more information you can check out the SSARC website or you can contact Dave Nienhuser , K0CMD, P.O. Box 701 Grandview, MO 64030
Phone: 913-636-9696 and Email:  The Talk-In will be on 147.12+ (PL 151.4).

           The Saint Louis Amateur Radio Club’s Halloween Hamfest will be held on October 28, 2017 in the Kirkwood Community Center 111 South Geyer Road, Kirkwood, MO.  For more information about this year’s Halloween Hamfest contact Bob Sluder, N0IS, 7511 Local Hillsboro Road Cedar Hill, MO 63016 Phone: 636-285-7605 Email: You can also check their website . The Talk-In is on 147.15 (PL 141.3)



             On November 4, 2017, The Raytown Amateur Radio Club is holding their annual Hamfest at the Ararat Shrine Temple 5100 Ararat Drive in Kansas City, MO 64101.  Those wanting more information you can contact Larry Gonnello, KC0FD, c/o Raytown ARC P.O. Box 16873 Raytown, MO 64133-0973.  To contact by phone call 816-356-7515 or by e-mail  The website is and the talk-in will be on 145.170- .

              On November 11, 2017, The Nixa Amateur Radio Club will be holding their Hamfest at the Bridge 308 West Mt. Vernon Street, Nixa, MO 65714.  The public contact is Larry Grinstead , WA0JZK, 2469 East Montclair Court,  Springfield, MO 65804 or Phone: 417-887-8517

Email:  Website:  The Talk-In will be on the 147.015 (PL 162.2) machine.


         The Raytown Amateur Radio Club held a 2-meter FoxHunt Oct. 7th.  Robin Cross, W0FEN, leader of the FoxHunting Committee did an excellent job planning and executing the event. The well organized effort is worthy of emulating by Radio Clubs or groups that would like to sponsor a FoxHunt in their area.  First they designated the hidden transmitter frequency the day of the event; the coordinating frequencies used the Local Repeater and 146.55 MHz simplex. The “Fox” was to be located within the City Limits of Raytown.  The Club FoxHunt committee selected a starting location for all the teams. The “Hunt” lasted two hours beginning at 10:00 am until noon. Participants could enter the competition in one of two classes, Doppler assisted and Yagi or other RDF equipment except Doppler.  The Teams need to have a driver who’s responsibility is to provide safe movement of transportation and a locator whose duty is to find the hidden transmitter without endangering the team.  All those joining the activity were reminded that they need to obey all applicable laws, it was made clear that it is not a race and that the RARC is not liable. 

            The Callaway Amateur Radio League newsletter SPARKGAPS reports that the CARL September meeting was focused on emergency communications and the preparation for possible deployment.  Pam Phelps, KC0MKW, will check on the price of the yellow safety vest from the ARRL and how much the patches will cost once the design, color and lettering has been determined. Dave Phelps, KC0LYA, located a 20 x 30 foot tarp that could be used with their tent frame, replacing the tent damaged on Field Day.  Jerry Dickerson, KD0TYW, presented information about the contents of a personal “Go Kit” and the frequencies you should have pre-programmed in your radio.  Suggestions of “Go Kits” contents can be found at the ARRL web site based on the location and time you may be needed. Dave Mueller, AC0WI, will be meeting with the Fulton Medical Center concerning the Medical Centers possible donation of their Amateur Radio station for use in emergency communications. 

           Kent Trimble, K9ZTV, reports for the Mid-MO Amateur Radio Club that the annual 2017 Frankenstein Halloween FunXpedition WØO Special Event will be operating from a haunted desolate location near Frankenstein, Missouri (the only known "Frankenstein" in the United States) CW and SSB Modes 1900 GMT October 31st (Tuesday) to 0500 GMT November 1st (Wednesday) Frequencies will be spotted
QSL cards (changed every year) will be sent only upon receipt of your properly filled-out QSL card and a Self-Addressed Stamped-Envelope
Additional information can be found on for call sign WØO
            Janelle Brisbine, N0MTI, Public Information Officer for the St. Louis Metro ARES, announced that Amateur radio operators St. Louis Metro Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) will test their ability to respond to a communications emergency in the St. Louis area Saturday, October 7th. These volunteers will operate radio equipment from Tilles Park. This event is an annual, nationwide Simulated Emergency Test (SET) designed to assess the operators after hours of training and service.  The role of amateur radio operators (or “Hams”) is demonstrated across the US when volunteers respond to the call to provide emergency communications in the aftermath of wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes and major hurricanes. Recent disaster recovery work involving amateur radio includes work in Hurricanes Harvey and Maria. Locally, hams were asked to serve during the New Year flooding in early 2016. Amateur radio operators provide their communication services and personal equipment freely, allowing many government and volunteer agencies to communicate with each other during disasters. They are "amateurs" only in that they are not paid, but their service is priceless.   These amateurs share the slogan, "St. Louis Metro ARES can communicate when all other communications fail!" As Steven Wooten, KC0QMU, Volunteer Emergency Coordinator, St. Louis Metro ARES, explains, "The amateurs in the St. Louis area take that slogan quite seriously." 


                             JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.                                                   

Total  # ARES Members                 1264

Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       167

Number of Ham Hours                 1299.44

Number of Public Service Events    21

Number of Ham Hours                   857.95

Number of Emergency Operations   0

Number of Ham hours Emer. Op.     0

Number of Skywarn Ops this month  11

Number of Skywarn Hours              126

Total ARES Operations this month   199

Total Ham Hours                              2283.39

9 out of 9 districts reporting




MO SECTION Net (MON), 25/115/34, net mngr K9ZTV

M0 TRAFFIC NET, 30/1236/130/, net mngr K0RWL

MESN, 4/157/4, net mngr KD0CNC

LEBANON ARES, 4/37/4, net mngr KF4MXF

CALLAWAY (CARL) CO, 4/78/0/, net mngr KC0LYA

BOONE (CMRA) CO, 4/63/0, net mngr KC0HSB

JACKSON CO, 5/92/1, net mngr K0UAA

MACON CO, 4/56/0, net mngr K0KY

ROLLA (RRARS), 30/364/2, net mngr KE0ARR

TEXAS CO, 30/415/27, net mngr N0TPE

BENTON CO, 4/50/1, net mngr KD0CNC

MID-MO, 4/23/0, net mngr WW0G

K. C. ARES DIGITAL, 4/45/12, net mngr K0KEX

FRANKLIN CO, 6/54/4, net mngr AD0OI

NORTHLAND ARES VOICE, 4/107/1, net mngr K0KEX

TRI-COUNTY, 4/31/0, net mngr N0AUY

DISTRICT E, 8/20/1, net mngr N0RIC

HANNIBAL ARES, 5/133/2, net mngr KD0HHN

JACKSON CO ARES DIG.,4/39/12, net mngr N0AJI

KD0HHN-LIAISON, 1/1/152, net mngr KD0HHN

HOWARD CO, 4/20/0, net mngr WD6BGN

WARRCI, 4/122/1, net mngr KB0HV


TOTALS 192/3258/388





Missouri Officials

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    H Keith Haye WE0G

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    Glenn B. Schulz W9IQ

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