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                   AUGUST 2015 MISSOURI SECTION NEWS

                             DALE BAGLEY, K0KY MO SM

         My wife and I attended the July meeting of the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society in St. Louis.  I really appreciated the hospitality we received from the BEARS and the opportunity to discuss the ARRL national and Section program.  Dave Propper, K2DP, was very helpful in getting us through the security check point and to the meeting room. The meeting was an opportunity for me to thank the membership personally for their sponsorship of the Missouri QSO Party and all of the other significant contributions they make to the support of Amateur Radio. BEARS President Mike Heitmann, N0SO, did an excellent job running the meeting and organizing an evening dinner at a local microbrewery.  The BEARS members are some of the most active Amateur Radio operators in the area and are supportive of several other St. Louis Amateur Radio Clubs.   

            I would like to commend all the ARRL ARES volunteers who choose to become a part of the ARRL Public Service Emergency Training program and a special hats off to those that go the extra step of becoming Field Instructors.  A Field Instructor is qualified to teach the material needed to pass the EmComm course EC-001.  Qualifying as a Field Instructor takes lots of dedication and training. The applicant has to have passed several required FEMA courses and meet all the other qualifications before they can become a Field Instructor. The link provided will provide a list of these requirements.   When you have met all the requirements, the Section Manager recommend you for the Field Instructor position.


         The Joplin Amateur Radio Club Hamfest will be held on August 21st and 22nd at the JOPLIN CONVENTION AND TRADE CENTER. The venue is the same as always, but the name has been changed and it is no longer  the John Q. Hammons Trade Center.  The JARC is always one of best Hamfests you can attend in the MO Section.  There will be over 250 tables in 30,000 sq. ft. A/C facility. There are always excellent forums, outstanding Commercial Vendors and one of the best Ham flea markets. This Hamfest draws Amateurs, Vendors and flea Market folks from four States and it is inside an outstanding air conditioned facility.  Don’t miss the Outdoor Cookout from 5:00 to 7:00 pm Friday evening.  If you need more info you can contact Jim Scott, via  The flyer for the JARC Hamfest is in the mail to ARRL Affiliated Clubs and can be viewed at .


         The Warrensburg Area Amateur Radio Club Hamfest was one of their largest ever.  The Forums were well attended and interesting. The WAARC members were very welcoming to all those attending and did and outstanding job organizing the event.  Everyone should consider attending the WAARC Hamfest in 2016.

       The Zero Beaters ARC Hamfest was very well attended this year. To put it in prospective consider that they even ran out of tickets for the drawing.  Dick Grady, N0JYU, was presented his ARRL Amateur Radio Service to Scouting award by MO Section Manager Dale Bagley and Assistant Section Manager Bill Coby, KB0MWG,  Dick was the second Missouri Section Scout Leader to qualify for this important Scouting Award. Bruce Serbus, KD0KCF, Hamfest Chairman and all of the Zero Beaters did an excellent job with this year’s Hamfest.  The number of outdoor flea market vendors was up quite a bit from 2014.  The rain went around Washington and all the folks at the Hamfest enjoyed a nice day.  Mark your calendar for next year’s Hamfest and I’m sure they will be printing more tickets in 2016.


           The St. Charles Amateur Radio Club Hamfest had a great turnout of vendors and Flea Market folks. Renee Simon, KD0OTG the SCARC Hamfest Chair did a great job.  She seemed to be everywhere making sure the Hamfest went well and the SCARC members did an impressive job with all facets of the Hamfest.  There was a large number of folks that stopped by the ARRL table to pick-up ARRL resources or talk about Amateur Radio and the League.  You had to be impressed with the SCARC drawing prizes, they were outstanding. 



          The “Open Mic” newsletter reported that Nixa Amateur Radio Club President James Adkins, KBØNHX, announced that their new communications trailer has finally arrived and is ready to be outfitted. Plans are to use the trailer at a variety of activities such as Field Day, during events such as bike races, during HF contests such as  Sweepstakes, and of course, during emergency situations. The unit will have its own repeater so those with hand held radios can communicate

with each other during emergencies when regular repeaters may be inoperable. The first use of the trailer is expected to be at the Tour de Bass bike ride on Sunday, October 4th. The Communications Trailer will be at the next club meeting on August 8, 2015 at the Nixa Fire Station.

         The Macon County Amateur Radio Club and Macon Area Repeater Council discussed the installation of an APRS repeater at the downtown repeater site. Ralph Howard, WD6BGN, MCARC Vice-Pres. will be the chairman of the project.   Dale Bagley, K0KY, reported that the Lester Dent- Doc Savage special event station W0D, was listed on the ARRL Website.  The information about the Special Event is located on the club’s website, .  Northeast Missouri Amateur Radio Club President Don Bindner, KD0PGM of Kirksville, MO presented a program on surface mount construction and the construction of a GPS /APRS xcvr that is to be used in a high altitude balloon tracking system.  Don also demonstrated a Fox transmitter that will serve as a back-up unit to locate the payload after it has been released.

     Randy Schulze, KDØHKD, President of the Raytown Amateur Radio Club reported on progress of the MO-KAN Regional Council of Amateur Radio Organizations. Following several months of planning and organizing, the steering committee is at the point where they will be getting the representatives of the various clubs and organizations from the region to launch this Council. That meeting will be held at National Weather Service, Tiffany Springs Office at 10:00 AM, Saturday, September 26th, 2015. That office is located at: 7220 NW 101st Terrace,
Kansas City, Missouri.  Keith Haye, WE0G, the MO Section ACC will be representing the MO ARRL at that meeting.
 Those in the Kansas City area who might be interested in being part of the organization can click on the to download a zip file, which contains the proposed Bylaws, and the Corporation Documents for their review.



                             JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.                                                  

Total  # ARES Members                 1285

Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       214

Number of Ham Hours                 1710.46

Number of Public Service Events    19

Number of Ham Hours                     244

Number of Emergency Operations   37 

Number of Ham hours Emer. Op.    443

Total ARES Operations this month   270

Total Ham Hours                            2397.46

9  out of 9 districts reporting



MO SECTION NET (MON) Sessions 30 QNI 104  QTC 28  Net Mgr.  K9ZTV

MO TRAFFIC NET  Sessions 31 QNI 1069 QTC 113 Net Mgr. K0RWL

MESN  Sessions  3  QNI 155 QTC 2  Net Mgr.  K0VET

Lebanon ARES  Sessions 4  QNI 33  QTC 0  Net Mgr. KD0PLS

Callaway Co CARL Sessions 5  QNI 72  QTC 4  Net Mgr. KC0LYA

Boone Co CMRA  Session 4   QNI 66  QTC 1  Net Mgr. KC0WGB

AARC  Sessions 4   QNI 37   QTC  0   Net Mgr KB0KWC

STL ARES  Sessions 12  QNI 107   QTC 6  Net Mgr. KB0H

Jackson County Sessions  5 QNI 81 QTC 1  Net Mgr. K0UAA

Macon Cnty ARES  Sessions  4   QNI 56  QTC 0 Net Mgr. K0KY

Rolla RRARS  Sessions 30 QNI 470  QTC 0  Net Mgr. KD0WQW

WAARCI  Sessions 4 QNI 115 QTC  1  Net Mgr. KB0HV

Texas Co  Sessions 31  QNI 500 QTC 28 Net Mgr. N0TPE

Randolph Co ARESS Sessions 4 QNI 21  QTC  0  Net Mgr.  N0AUY

Mid-MO ARC Sessions  5 QNI 83   QTC  169 Net Mgr.  WW0G

KC ARES Digital Sessions 4 QNI 34  QTC 11 Net Mgr.  K0KEX

Northland ARES Sessions 4 QNI 80  QTC 6 Net Mgr. K0KEX

Tri-County ARC  Sessions 5  QNI 52   QTC 0  Net Mgr  N0AUY

District A ARES  Sessions 1  QNI 31  QTC  1  Net Mgr. N4RZB

District E ARES  Sessions 7   QNI 29  QTC 3   Net Mgr. K0RIC

Hannibal ARES Sessions 6 QNI 120 QTC 3  Net Mgr. KD0HHN

Jackson Co ARES Dig Sessions 5  QNI 42  QTC  6  Net Mgr. N0AJI

Benton County  Sessions 4  QNI 58  QTC 1  Net Mgr. KD0CNC

10th Region CW Sessions 60  QNI 0   QTC 124  Net Mgr. W0SS

10th Region SSB Sessions 23  QNI 0   QTC 49  Net Mgr. K0VTT


Totals      Sessions 296    QNI 3415    QTC 408

10th Region Participation CW  61%  K9ZTV,  ND0N, W0SJS,

                                                                         Net Mgr. W0SS

10th Region Participation SSB    18%  KB0GWY     W7FB

                                                                         Net Mgr. K0VTT



Missouri Officials

  • Dale Bagley

    Section Manager

    Dale C. Bagley K0KY

  • Mark Biernacki

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Mark J. Biernacki KB5YZY

  • Curtis Roach

    Assistant Section Manager

    Curtis J. Roach WB4NMG

  • Larry Ballew

    Assistant Section Manager

    Larry D. Ballew AB0HP

  • Norman Lampton

    State Government Liaison

    Norman W. Lampton KC0FNA

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  • Dennis McCarthy

    Public Info Coordinator

    Dennis John McCarthy AA0A

  • H Haye

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    H Keith Haye WE0G

  • Larry Wilson

    Section Traffic Manager

    Larry G. Wilson K0RWL

  • William Coby

    Assistant Section Manager

    William A. Coby KB0MWG

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  • Wayland Mc Kenzie

    Technical Coordinator

    Wayland N. Mc Kenzie K4CHS

  • Cecil Higgins

    Assistant Section Manager

    Cecil B. Higgins AC0HA

  • Jeffrey Young

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Jeffrey L. Young KB3HF