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                                                APRIL 2018

                                     MISSOURI SECTION NEWS

                                          Cecil Higgins, AC0HA


Hello All

I would like to announce that Dale Bagley K0KY, will be stepping down as the editor of our section news. His presence will be sorely missed by all and certainly be me. Not only do I have great respect for Dale I consider him my friend and mentor. Dale will have a spot any time he wants one. We wish you all the best and good health Dale.

I just got back from the Ozarkscon QRP Conference held in Branson MO at the Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center. I must say it continues to grow and get better with each passing year. The four corners group are the organizers of the convention and do one of the best jobs I've seen. There were forums put on by several speakers including Bob Heil with his presentation on the Pine Board Project and more. Classes to build several different kinds of kits and kit radios were put on throughout the 2 day conference. The atmosphere was fun and a lot of new projects will, without a doubt, be on the air all around the U.S. A big hand to all those that worked so hard to make the conference happen.


I hope everyone is enjoying the somewhat warmer weather and ask that we keep an eye to the sky. Severe weather season is on us. 


                                               APRIL HAMFESTS




          The Platte County Amateur Radio Group will be holding their annual cookout for for members and others in the Platte County and surrounding areas.  The cookout is potluck, with the hamburgers, hotdogs, and buns provided by the PCARG.  They will meet at the Northland Regional Ambulance District (NRAD) office located at 1000 Platte Falls Rd, Platte City, MO. The cookout is Saturday April 28th 11:00-3:00.  We are offering an ARRL test session that morning before the cookout from 9:30-10:45.  Testing for Technician, and General or Extra class upgrades available.  We ask that you RSVP for testing to

          The Macon County Amateur Club President, Larry Ballew, AB0HP, has announced an extensive program of activities and projects for 2018.  The MCARC will be refurbishing the Clubs Emergency Tower Trailer that is used extensively throughout the year during Field Day, The Lester Dent Special Event and several other operating opportunities. The MCARC, holds a Winter and Fall Club Operating Contest-QSO Party to encourage members to get on the air and have some fun.

          Tom Hendrix, WA0E,, announced that the Booneville Radio Club will be hosting a Free Tailgate swap for all Ham radio enthusiasts Saturday, April 14 at 8 AM - 12 PM CDT. Hams are welcome to bring your old or new gear to sell or trade. Or just come by and see what equipment you might want to purchase. We will be monitoring our repeater 147.360 + W0BRC, if you need directions. This is our first swap meet and, hopefully, it will continue each year.  The location of the swap meet is Brady Show Grounds Boonville, Missouri 65233 and this is the same location as Steam Engine show which is held each year, and is at Exit 111 off of I-70 west of Columbia.



                           JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.     


Total  # ARES Members                 1307

Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       256

Number of Ham Hours                 2,593.59

Number of Public Service Events    16

Number of Public Service Hours     381

Number of Emergency Operations   9

Number of Ham hours Emer. Op.      42

Number of Skywarn Ops this month  20

Number of Skywarn Hours                110

Total ARES Operations this month   301

Total Ham Hours                              3130.59

9 out of 9 districts reporting



                 LARRY WILSON, K0RWL, STM

 MO SECTION Net (MON), 30/177/44, net mngr K9ZTV

M0 TRAFFIC NET, 31 /1586/162 /, net mngr K0RWL

MESN,4/218/1, net mngr KD0CNC

LEBANON ARES, 4/51/1, net mngr KF4MXF

CALLAWAY (CARL) CO, 4/73/0/, net mngr KC0LYA

BOONE (CMRA) CO, 4/68/0, net mngr KC0HSB

JACKSON CO, 4 /84/0, net mngr K0UAA

MACON CO, 4/52/0, net mngr K0KY

ROLLA (RRARS), 31/350/3, net mngr KE0ARR

TEXAS CO, 31/525/24, net mngr N0TPE

BENTON CO, 4/50/3, net mngr KD0CNC

MID-MO, 4/73/0, net mngr WW0G

K. C. ARES DIGITAL, 4/44/12 net mngr K0KEX

FRANKLIN CO, 6/57/6, n et mngr KN0NWG

NORTHLAND ARES VOICE, 4/96/1, net mngr K0KEX

TRI-COUNTY, 4/51/6, net mngr N0AUY

DISTRICT E, 9/52/1, net mngr N0RIC

HANNIBAL ARES, 5/120/3 net mngr KD0HHN

JACKSON CO ARES DIG. 4/30/4 net mngr N0AJI

KD0HHN-LIAISON, 1/1/212, net mngr KD0HHN

HOWARD CO, 4/31/0, net mngr WD6BGN

WARRCI,  4/153/1, net mngr KB0HV


KC NORTH ARES DMR, 4/45/0, net mngr KA0SXY

FSQcall-MO 5/64/5, net mngr KA0OTL

CASS CO, 3/15/0, net mngr KD0RSX

ST.LOUIS METRO, 8/88/6, net mngr KB0H

TOTALS  224/4210/496






Missouri Officials

  • Cecil Higgins

    Section Manager,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Cecil B. Higgins AC0HA

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  • William Schrock

    Section Traffic Manager

    William E. Schrock N0ET

  • Norman Lampton

    State Government Liaison

    Norman W. Lampton KC0FNA

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  • Dale Bagley

    Assistant Section Manager

    Dale C. Bagley K0KY

  • Mark Biernacki

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Mark J. Biernacki KB5YZY

  • Jeffrey Young

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Jeffrey L. Young KB3HF

  • Curtis Roach

    Assistant Section Manager

    Curtis J. Roach WB4NMG

  • Keith Haye

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Keith Haye WE0G

  • Glenn Schulz

    Technical Coordinator

    Glenn B. Schulz W9IQ

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  • Larry Ballew

    Assistant Section Manager

    Larry D. Ballew AB0HP