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                                           FEBRUARY 2017

                                  MISSOURI SECTION NEWS

                               Cecil Higgins, AC0HA, MO SM

          I looked at my calendar and noticed that we are just about 8 weeks from the Missouri QSO Party.   The 2017 MO QSO Party will take place on April 1 and 2, 2017.  I believe that this will be the 16th Missouri QSO Party sponsored and coordinated by the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society of St. Louis, Missouri.  Every year, the MO QSO Party has made improvements and attracted more participants. There are eighteen categories, SHOW ME Certificates and 1X1 SHOW ME Certificates.  Go to the B.E.A.R.’s website and look over the results from past QSO Parties.  You may also want to sponsor a Plaque for one of the operating Categories.  You can check out their website at and don’t forget to plan to operate on April 1st and 2nd .

         I was not able to attend this year’s Winterfest due to the death of a close family member who was killed in an auto accident on the night before Winterfest. I hope everyone understands how important it was for me and my family to be together at that time.  

                                   MARCH HAMFEST 2017

           The Ozarks Amateur Radio Society is holding their Spring Hamfest on March 25, 2017 at the Mount Vernon Arts and Recreation Center located on 822 W. Mount Vernon Blvd.  There are several great forums this year including one by Bob Heil, K9EID, at 9:00 Glenn Schulz, W9IQ, will give the low down on SWR & Feedline Loss. A program on using an Antenna Analyzer will begin at 10:15  and at 11:00 the District D ARES meeting will be held.  There are some great Commercial Vendors planning to attend and there will be lots of Flea Market tables to look over.  Contact Mike Sanders K0AZ at  or Bob Myers at  for more information and check out the Website about the Hamfest at

                                     APRIL HAMFEST 2017

           The Four State QRP Group will be holding their annual Conference on April 7th and 8th at the Stone Castle Hotel and Conference Center 3050 Green Mountain Drive in Branson, MO 65615.  To get the latest information, check out their website .  Pre-registration is starting soon.  You can also contact Ed Meyer, WG5F 1350 S. 99th E. Ave. Tulsa, OK 74128  Phone 918-232-5194 or by e-mail .

          The Ararat Amateur Radio Shrine Club is holding their Hamfest on April 17, 2017 at the Ararat Shrine Temple 5100 Ararat Drive Kansas CIty, MO 64101 Public Contact: Joseph Russell , KØWVU, 1600 S. Skyline

Drive Liberty, MO 64068, Phone: 816-215-9836 Email: .


          Cliff Rozen, KC0SDV, reports that the Egyptian Radio Club and St. Louis & Suburban Radio Club are sponsoring a class the weekend of April 7-9. The classes will be held in Granite City, IL at Holy Family Catholic Church in the Egyptian Club Room. VE testing for all license levels will be available the afternoon of April 9. There is no charge for the class. VE testing is $15. For complete information and study guides contact: Bob Evans AA9FQ@ARRL.NET Cliff Rozar KC0SDV@SLSRC.ORG   You must already have the General License in order to enroll.

          The CARL Spark Gaps reports that at the Callaway Amateur Radio League meeting, Dave Phelps,KC0LYA shared copies of the Missouri ARES Interoperability plan frequencies for VHF (Wide Area) and UHF (Scene). It was suggest that it would be a good idea to program these into CARL member’s radio memories for quick use.  Ken Sevier, WB8SQS spoke with Callaway Electric about placing a backup repeater & antenna on their HQ tower. There has been no response to the request yet.  It was reported that an inspection of the CARL repeater found that the repeater and grounds were functioning properly.

          The Hannibal Amateur Radio Club News reports that President Don Vary, KD0HHN, announced at the last meeting, that there will be a Severe Weather Storm Spotter class on the 28th of February at the Shirley Bomar building on Munger Lane. The class starts at 6:30pm and runs for about 2 hours. The class is taught by Jim Kramper from the National Weather Service office in St.Louis and those who attend can get registered as storm spotters for the NWS. There is no charge for the class and no pre-registration is needed. If you have any questions, contact John Hark, Hannibal/Marion County Emergency Management Director at 231-2650. The class is very informative and a good way to spend a couple of hours on a Tuesday night.

          Elizabeth Stone, KE0KCT, for passing her General Exam. Liz got her Technician license last August from the Technician class sponsored by the Hannibal ARC and has added her General ticket within just a few months.  Bonnie Sinclair, WB0WAP, was named Member of the Year for 2016. Bonnie served as editor of the newsletter for many years, as well as being a Volunteer Examiner for licensing exams.


                             JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.                                                   

Total  # ARES Members                 1238

Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       242

Number of Ham Hours                 2173.29

Number of Public Service Events    21

Number of Ham Hours                   224

Number of Emergency Operations   6

Number of Ham hours Emer. Op.    42

Total ARES Operations this month   269

Total Ham Hours                              2439.29

9 out of 9 districts reporting




MO SECTION NET (MON) Sessions 29 QNI 123  QTC 21  Net Mgr.  K9ZTV

MO TRAFFIC NET  Sessions 31 QNI 1406 QTC 104 Net Mgr. K0RWL

MESN  Sessions  4  QNI 186 QTC 4  Net Mgr.  KD0CNC

Lebanon ARES  Sessions 5  QNI 58  QTC 8  Net Mgr. KF4MXF

Boone Co CMRA  Session 4   QNI 71 QTC 2  Net Mgr. KC0HSB

Jackson County  Sessions 4  QNI 87  QTC 0  Net Mgr. K0UAA

Macon Cnty ARES  Sessions  4   QNI 64  QTC 0 Net Mgr. K0KY

Rolla RRARS  Sessions 31 QNI 439  QTC 10  Net Mgr. KE0ARR

WAARCI  Sessions 5 QNI 133 QTC  1  Net Mgr. KB0HV

Texas Co  Sessions 31  QNI 524 QTC 2 Net Mgr. N0TPE

Benton Co ARES  Sessions 4  QNI 69  QTC  4  Net Mgr. KC0CNC

Mid MO ARC  Sessions 4  QNI 59 QTC 0  Net Mgr. WW0G

KC ARES Digital Sessions  5 QNI 47  QTC 10 Net Mgr.  K0KEX

Franklin Co ARES Sessions 7 QNI 61  QTC 5  Net Mgr. AD0OI

Northland ARES Sessions 5 QNI 109  QTC 1 Net Mgr. K0KEX

Tri-County ARC  Sessions 4  QNI 33  QTC 1  Net Mgr  N0AUY

District E ARES  Sessions 8   QNI 39  QTC 1   Net Mgr. K0RIC

Hannibal ARES Sessions 5 QNI 184 QTC 2  Net Mgr. KD0HHN

Jackson Co ARES Dig Sessions 4  QNI 33  QTC  3  Net Mgr. N0AJI

AARC     Sessions  4    QNI 70    QTC  1  Net Mgr. KD0QCN

KD0HHN-1 liaison  Sessions 1  QNI  1  QTC 191 Net Mgr. KD0HHN

Howard Co Simplex  Sessions 4  QNI 43  QTC 0    Net Mgr. WD6BGN

Totals                       Sessions 220   Q

Missouri Officials

  • Cecil Higgins

    Section Manager,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Cecil B. Higgins AC0HA

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  • Curtis Roach

    Assistant Section Manager

    Curtis J. Roach WB4NMG

  • Mark Biernacki

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Mark J. Biernacki KB5YZY

  • Rod Kittleman

    Public Info Coordinator

    Rod A. Kittleman K0ADI

  • H Haye

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    H Keith Haye WE0G

  • Larry Wilson

    Section Traffic Manager

    Larry G. Wilson K0RWL

  • Glenn Schulz

    Technical Coordinator

    Glenn B. Schulz W9IQ

  • Jeffrey Young

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Jeffrey L. Young KB3HF

  • Dale Bagley

    Assistant Section Manager

    Dale C. Bagley K0KY

  • William Coby

    Assistant Section Manager

    William A. Coby KB0MWG

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  • Norman Lampton

    State Government Liaison

    Norman W. Lampton KC0FNA

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  • Larry Ballew

    Assistant Section Manager

    Larry D. Ballew AB0HP