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                  MARCH 2015 MISSOURI SECTION NEWS

                             DALE BAGLEY, K0KY MO SM

          If you are a Missouri Section Club officer you need to make sure that your Club updates your ARRL Affiliation information for 2015.  This can be done by going to the list of Affiliated Clubs and finding your club’s page.  You just click on the name of the club and up will come the information about the club.  In the upper right there is a very small edit link.  Click there and make the necessary changes and at the bottom of the page push the submit button.  The club list is found at .   This needs to be done yearly if possible. 

          With the arrival of spring there will bring an increase in the risk of tornadoes and floods.  The Amateur Radio Emergency Services is a vital resource for the assistance of served agencies in the Communities and Counties of Missouri. If you are not currently active in the ARES program in your County and would like to help out, contact your county Emergency Coordinator.  If you live in a County that does not have an Emergency Coordinator, you might consider taking the ARRL training course on Emergency Communications and volunteering to be the EC for your County. The site is located at .  

          This is my last chance in the MO Section News to remind everyone about the Missouri QSO Party that will be held April 4, 2015 to April 5, 2015.  The MOQSO Party is sponsored by the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society. This event is one of the most exciting operating events in the MO Section and a really fun way to spend a weekend operating your station. There have been some important changes in the rules and you can check out all of the rules at the link .  The top scores of each class will receive a plaque and the popular SHOW-ME Certificate is part of this year’s event.

                                  APRIL HAMFESTS 2015

          The Ozark Amateur Radio Society will be holding its springtime Hamfest on April 11, 2015 at the Pate Early Learning Center. The Pate Center is located at 400 Terrace Drive in Aurora, MO 65605.  You can learn more about the OARS Hamfest at Website  The contact person for the Hamfest is Mike Sanders, K0AZ can be contacted at 18169 Highway 174 Mount Vernon, MO 65712, by Phone: 417-466-0401 or Email:  The Talk-In: 146.97 repeater CSQ

           The Ararat Shrine Amateur Radio Club’s Hambash, is one of the largest Hamfest in west central Missouri and will be held on April 18th at the Ararat Shrine Temple located at 5100 Ararat Drive in Kansas City, MO 64101.  There are always some great forums, V.E. Testing, a large diverse Flea Market and several top of the line Commercial Vendors at this Hamfest. For Advanced Tickets you can send an SASE to David Hinkley, KA0SOG, David’s address is 1221 SE 11th Street Lees Summit, MO 6408.    To make a Table Reservations or for additional Information you can send a SASE to: Dave Michael WAØNXD, 3361 Blue Ridge Blvd. Independence, MO. 64052  or by phone at 816.254.9011.  The Talk-In repeater is 145.13-.


          The Heart of America Radio Club held their annual Chili Cook-off.  Members brought their favorite pot of Chili to be judged at the meeting at the American Red Cross office on Armour Blvd. Craig Schley, KA0FSP, was in charge of the event.  Prizes were an Associated Radio gift certificate of $25.00 for first place and $15.00 for second.  The HARC voted to donate $50.00 to the American Red Cross in memory of Mac McClure, N0HXT, who was a dedicated volunteer for the Red Cross.

          The St. Louis Suburban Radio Club reported in their Newsletter the Printed Circuit, that they had conducted what they called Project Outreach.  A Home Schooled group in St. Charles attended a class on "Getting started in Amateur Radio" last year. The class was led by Cliff Rozar, KCØSDV.  Tina Hicks, KDØOZE assisted in the fox hunt and antenna building. The class met once a week starting in September 2014 and ended December 18. The students ranged in age from 8-16. Even though it did not include Amateur radio license testing, the class held a "fox hunt" and found the fox using a tape measure beam antenna they constructed as a class project. They also built a copper VHF j-pole, and practiced CW by sending messages to each other.

During the antenna building project, each of them learned to solder (with a propane torch), measure, and cut the correct length of the antenna elements. The antennas were tested using the nearby 145.330 repeater by speaking with several hams, including Tom Frank, KØHHB, Bob Rowlands, KØRWR and Art Bode, Jr., NØJNC.

           Rick Crockett, W0PC, reports that the St. Charles Amateur Radio Club is hosting another Amateur Extra license class beginning on Wednesday March 25th and last Only 10 weeks. Just phone St. Charles Community College at 636-922-8233 and they can enroll you over the phone. Students must provide their own textbooks. You can purchase them thru the club at the meeting or thru your favorite book seller. There is a $10.00 course fee. The last class is the VE Exam Session where everyone should be able to pass easily. Rick’s not saying the class is easy… it’s not. But, doing the assigned reading in the book and asking question about things you don’t understand in class will make it as easy as it can be.

          The Northside Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring Technician Amateur Radio classes starting at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday March 10th and every Tuesday ending on March 205th.  Following the course a Volunteer Exam Session will be held at the Moreau Fire Hall located at 1 Industrial Park Drive in Eldon, MO.  The NARC serves the Central Missouri area in and around the Lake of the Ozark.  



                             JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.                                                   

Total  # ARES Members                 1163

Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       244

Number of Ham Hours                 1823.55

Number of Public Service Events    10

Number of Ham Hours                      35

Number of Emergency Operations   3  

Number of Ham hours Emer. Op.  42

Total ARES Operations this month 257

Total Ham Hours                          1900.55

8  out of 9 districts reporting




MO SECTION NET (MON) Sessions 19 QNI 32  QTC 37  Net Mgr.  K9ZTV

MO TRAFFIC NET  Sessions 28 QNI 1295 QTC 155 Net Mgr. K0RWL

MESN  Sessions  4  QNI 239 QTC 2  Net Mgr.  K0VET

Lebanon ARES  Sessions 4  QNI 19  QTC 0  Net Mgr. KD0PLS

Callaway Co CARL Sessions 4  QNI 58  QTC 4  Net Mgr. KC0LYA

Boone Co CMRA  Session 4   QNI 68  QTC 2  Net Mgr. KC0WGB

AARC  Sessions 4   QNI 40   QTC  0   Net Mgr KB0KWC

TLARC   Sessions 1   QNI 2 QTC 296 Net Mgr. KB0OFD

Jackson County Sessions  5 QNI 112 QTC 1  Net Mgr. K0UAA

Macon Cnty ARES  Sessions  4   QNI 73  QTC 0 Net Mgr. K0KY

Rolla RRARS  Sessions 27 QNI 410  QTC 3  Net Mgr. KD0WQW

WAARCI  Sessions 4 QNI 116 QTC  1  Net Mgr. KB0HV

Texas Co  Sessions 28  QNI 596 QTC 28 Net Mgr. N0TPE

Mid-MO ARC Sessions  4 QNI 82   QTC  0 Net Mgr.  WW0G

KC ARES Digital Sessions 4 QNI 55  QTC 8 Net Mgr.  K0KEX

Franklin Co ARES  Sessions 10  QNI 56  QTC 6  Net Mgr. WA0ZUG

Northland ARES Sessions 4 QNI 58  QTC 4 Net Mgr. K0KEX

Tri-County  ARC Sessions 4 QNI 39  QTC  0  Net Mgr.  N0AUY

District A ARES  Sessions 1  QNI 41  QTC  1  Net Mgr. N4RZB

District E ARES  Sessions 8   QNI 48  QTC 1   Net Mgr. K0RIC

Hannibal ARES Sessions 4 QNI 131 QTC 3  Net Mgr. KD0HHN

Jackson Co ARES Dig Sessions 4  QNI 29  QTC  1  Net Mgr. N0AJI

St. Clair ARES   Sessions 3   QNI  17   QTC 1   Net Mgr. WA5ICX

Benton County Sessions 3  QNI 46  QTC  1  Net Mgr  KD0CNC

10th Region CW Sessions 56  QNI 0   QTC 120  Net Mgr. W0SS

10th Region SSB Sessions 20  QNI 0   QTC 105  Net Mgr. K0VTT


Totals      Sessions 259    QNI 3708    QTC 764

10th Region Participation CW  56%  K9ZTV,  ND0N, W0SJS, W7FB

                                                                         Net Mgr. W0SS

10th Region Participation SSB 100%  NA0OO, KB0OFD, KB0GWY W0TCW

                                                                         Net Mgr. K0VTT




Missouri Officials

  • Dale Bagley

    Section Manager

    Dale C. Bagley K0KY

  • Mark Biernacki

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Mark J. Biernacki KB5YZY

  • Jeffrey Young

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Jeffrey L. Young KB3HF

  • Curtis Roach

    Assistant Section Manager

    Curtis J. Roach WB4NMG

  • H Haye

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    H Keith Haye WE0G

  • Cecil Higgins

    Assistant Section Manager

    Cecil B. Higgins AC0HA

  • Larry Wilson

    Section Traffic Manager

    Larry G. Wilson K0RWL

  • Dennis McCarthy

    Public Info Coordinator

    Dennis John McCarthy AA0A

  • William Coby

    Assistant Section Manager

    William A. Coby KB0MWG

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  • Wayland Mc Kenzie

    Technical Coordinator

    Wayland N. Mc Kenzie K4CHS

  • Larry Ballew

    Assistant Section Manager

    Larry D. Ballew AB0HP

  • Norman Lampton

    State Government Liaison

    Norman W. Lampton KC0FNA

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