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                                             SEPTEMBER 2017

                                  MISSOURI SECTION NEWS

                                      Cecil Higgins, AC0HA

          I have been looking onto DMR digital communications and a statewide linked system, as well as the different digital modes. I have been explaining the difference to the groups that I have been talking with at Hamfest and club meetings. I understand that there are several DMR efforts that are currently going on in the Missouri Section. For example, Dennis Kimrey, W0HL reports that there is a new DMR repeater in Nevada MO.  Nevada is about 80 miles south of KC.  The early testing of coverage looks good.  With Peculiar online, we can hear it close to Nevada.  This should give DMR users I-49 DMR coverage from KC to near Jasper which is in northern part of Jasper County.  Information on the Nevada repeater is as follows: 443.975 Output, 448.975 Input, CC is 5, Static talk groups are BYRG on TS2, MO Statewide on TS1. 

     I also learned that the Platte County Amateur Radio Group sponsored a DMR presentation in August at the National Weather Service (NWS) Central Region Headquarters, in Kansas City,  Chuck Kraly, K0XM, and Tom Wheeler, N0GSG, were the primary speakers.  Chuck, and the BYRG gang, are responsible for many of the DMR repeaters in the metro area.  Chuck will be describing DMR, will talk about the BYRG repeaters and their programming concept. Tom is the mastermind of the N0GSG Contact Manager software.  All this is a great example of how Amateur Radio is in the forefront of electronic communications technology and continues to look for better systems to provide reliable communications during emergencies and other times. 

           I represented the ARRL at the Joplin Hamfest and enjoyed the opportunity to have a good visit with Rod Blocksome, K0DAS, the Midwest Division Director as well as a large number of hams throughout the day. It was, as usual, a great Hamfest. Well organized and plenty of vendors. 


         The ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference will be held on September 15 to 17, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Airport West on 3400 Rider Trail South in St. Louis/Earth City, MO. Those interested can learn more at the TAPR website: , their phone contact information is 972-671-8277

                                     OCTOBER HAMFEST 2017

           The SouthSide Amateur Radio Club Hamfest will be held October 21, 2017 at the Mill Creek Upper Elementary School 308 South Cleveland Avenue Belton, MO 64012.  For more information you can check out the SSARC website or you can contact Dave Nienhuser , K0CMD, P.O. Box 701 Grandview, MO 64030
Phone: 913-636-9696 and Email:  The Talk-In will be on 147.12+ (PL 151.4).

           The Saint Louis Amateur Radio Club’s Halloween Hamfest will be held on October 28, 2017 in the Kirkwood Community Center 111 South Geyer Road, Kirkwood, MO.  For more information about this year’s Halloween Hamfest contact Bob Sluder, N0IS, 7511 Local Hillsboro Road Cedar Hill, MO 63016 Phone: 636-285-7605 Email: You can also check their website . The Talk-In is on 147.15 (PL 141.3)


          The Macon County Amateur Radio Club will be holding their annual Lester Dent – Doc Savage Special event on October 7th and 8th. They will be operating using the special Call W0D.  The Special Event will be operating from 9:00 a.m. CDT until 5:00 p.m. at the Blees Park Round House using a set-up that is similar to Field Day.  The Club members will continue to operate on October 7th in the evening and on Sunday October 8th from their home stations.  This year the Certificate celebrates Lester Dent’s aviation endeavors and how used that knowledge to provide the foundation for many of his books and short stories. In past years the MCARC Lester Dent W0CBL, Certificates have illustrated his Amateur Radio ties, his years looking for treasure in the Caribbean on his two masted schooner the Albatross, and celebrated Mr. Dent’s contributions to the writing of adventure stories.  Those interested in contacting the special event can get more information at the ARRL Special Event link or on QRZ just type in W0D in the search box and you will go to a page with more detail about Lester Dent and the Special Event. If you make a QSO, send a QSL with a number 10 envelope SASE to P.O. Box 13  Macon, MO 63552, that is all you have to do to get this year’s colorful certificate.

                Keith Kaiser, WA0TJT, Radio Scouting Committee Chair,

Heart of America Council, BSA, reports that this is the 60th year of JOTA the largest Scouting event in the world. Once again this year the International Committee of the BSA will sponsor Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) at Camp Naish in Bonner Springs. The event kicks off on Saturday morning October 21 at 9am. All Scouts, Scouters, Cubs, Boy Scouts and Venturers are welcome to come by. The trading post will be open and my understanding is they will be selling 2017 JOTA patches.

There will be hundreds of thousands of Scouts from around the world will be participating so don’t miss out. There are very few Amateur contests this weekend to make sure JOTA has a fighting chance, so make JOTA your mission. If you would like more information about JOTA can be found at the following links: <>  and <> JOTA/JOTI registration will be opening soon and I’ll let you know when it does. In the mean time please also register at: <> This is the official Scout Camps On The Air (SCOTA) web site and will be used this year to map the locations of JOTA stations around the world.

         In the August Hannibal Amateur Radio Club newsletter, Kenny Franklin, KE0KCQ, mentioned an upcoming event that the Civil Air Patrol is holding sometime in September. They are planning an Open House at the Hannibal Regional Airport. Kenny and Rocky Shrum KE0KCR inquired if the Club might be interested in setting up a communications demonstration. There is some interest in ham radio by the CAP members and several Club members expressed interest in helping out.  Don Vary, KD0HHN, announced the ARRL will hold its annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET).  This year’s emergency drill is called “Black Swan” and the scenario will be a series of super cell thunderstorms forming in Iowa and leaving a path of destruction across the mid-west into Ohio. It’s planned for the first weekend in October, and they want to practice passing traffic.                          

                 SECTION ARES REPORT FOR AUGUST 2017

                             JEFF YOUNG, KB3HF, SEC.                                                  

Total  # ARES Members                 1272

Number of Drills, Testing, Etc.       291

Number of Ham Hours                 1983.92

Number of Public Service Events    34

Number of Ham Hours                   301.5

Number of Emergency Operations   14

Number of Ham hours Emer. Op.    240

Number of Skywarn Ops this month  10

Number of Skywarn Hours             118

Total ARES Operations this month   359

Total Ham Hours                              2643.42

8 out of 9 districts reporting




MO SECTION Net (MON), 31/128/44, net mngr K9ZTV

M0 TRAFFIC NET, 31/1236/176/, net mngr K0RWL

MESN, 4/174/4, net mngr KDE0CNC

LEBANON ARES, 5/48/5, net mngr KF4MXF

CALLAWAY (CARL) CO, 6/109/0/, net mngr KC0LYA

BOONE (CMRA) CO, 5/81/0, net mngr KC0HSB

JACKSON CO, 4/82/0, net mngr K0UAA

MACON CO, 5/71/0, net mngr K0KY

ROLLA (RRARS), 31/355/2, net mngr KE0ARR

TEXAS CO, 31/421/27, net mngr N0TPE

BENTON CO, 4/55/1, net mngr KD0CNC

MID-MO, 5/39/0, net mngr WW0G

K. C. ARES DIGITAL, 4/48/10, net mngr K0KEX

FRANKLIN CO, 0/0/0, net mngr AD0OI

NORTHLAND ARES VOICE, 4/89/1, net mngr K0KEX

TRI-COUNTY, 5/43/0, net mngr N0AUY

DISTRICT E, 9/25/1, net mngr N0RIC

HANNIBAL ARES, 6/147/2, net mngr KD0HHN

JACKSON CO ARES DIG.,5/45/27, net mngr N0AJI

KD0HHN-LIAISON, 1/1/207, net mngr KD0HHN

HOWARD CO, 5/25/0, net mngr WD6BGN

WARRCI, 4/125/1, net mngr KB0HV


TOTALS 205/3342/508


Missouri Officials

  • Cecil Higgins

    Section Manager,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Cecil B. Higgins AC0HA

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  • Larry Ballew

    Assistant Section Manager

    Larry D. Ballew AB0HP

  • Mark Biernacki

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Mark J. Biernacki KB5YZY

  • Rod Kittleman

    Public Info Coordinator

    Rod A. Kittleman K0ADI

  • H Haye

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    H Keith Haye WE0G

  • Glenn Schulz

    Technical Coordinator

    Glenn B. Schulz W9IQ

  • Jeffrey Young

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Jeffrey L. Young KB3HF

  • Dale Bagley

    Assistant Section Manager

    Dale C. Bagley K0KY

  • Larry Wilson

    Section Traffic Manager

    Larry G. Wilson K0RWL

  • William Coby

    Assistant Section Manager

    William A. Coby KB0MWG

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  • Norman Lampton

    State Government Liaison

    Norman W. Lampton KC0FNA

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  • Curtis Roach

    Assistant Section Manager

    Curtis J. Roach WB4NMG