Qualifying Run Schedule

W1AW Qualifying Runs

W1AW Qualifying Runs are sent on the same frequencies as the Morse code transmissions. West Coast Qualifying Runs are also transmitted monthly by other West Coast stations on various frequencies.  At the beginning of each code practice session, the schedule for the next qualifying run is presented. Underline one minute of the highest speed you copied, certify that your copy was made without aid, and send it to ARRL for grading. Please include your name, call sign (if any) and complete mailing address. The initial certificate is available for a $10 fee. Subsequent endorsement stickers are available for a $7.50 fee.

The 2015 W1AW and West Coast monthly Qualifying Run schedules are available in PDF format. 


Local (Eastern)     UTC    
Date Time Day Time Date Notes
July 8, 2015 10 PM Wednesday 0200z July 9, 2015 35 - 10 WPM
July 24, 2015 7 PM Friday 2300z July 24, 2015 10 - 35 WPM


West Coast Runs
UTC   Local (Pacific)      
Date Time Day Date Time Notes
July 16, 2015 0400z Wednesday July 15, 2015 9 PM

Station K6YR will conduct the West Coast Qualifying Run.  The speeds are 40 to 10 WPM.  He will transmit the Run on 3590 kHz.